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Daewoo - Mirae

The Daewoo Mirae car was unveiled on April 20, 1999 by Queen Elizabeth II at Daewoo's Seoul design studio 'Design Forum' then again at the 1999 Seoul Motor Show. "Mirae" is Korean for "Future".

Designed at Daewoo's UK Worthing Technical Centre somewhat unusually it was premiered in two forms: An exterior property and a separate interior technology showcase property. Production was hinted for 2010 but with the collapse of Daewoo Group in 2000 and subsequent General Motors takeover this seems now unlikelly to happen in the form shown. Mirae was a joint funding exercise by the motor manufacturer and the UK Department of Trade and Industry to coincide with the British Queen's first state visit to Korea, keen to reinforce the financial and technology links between the two counties.


Daewoo claimed the Mirae was the world's first versatile sports car combining the flexibility to alter seat layouts from 4 seat MPV to single seater. The pedal and steering wheel could move to provide left-hand, right-hand, or central driving position.


The Mirae showcased some unusual technologies. Mirae used Daewoo's German engineered (by former Daewoo Engineering Director and current Aston Martin head (Dr. Ulrich Bez) 2.5L DOHC compact in-line 6-cylinder petrol engine, a unit that was able to be run upright or in this example on its side. ZEFREDO (zero failure rate electronic design opportunities) ACTIVE (Advanced Camera Technology in Vehicle Ergonomics) a camera based gestural in-vehicle control system to replace conventional switchgear.

Drive-by-wire & steer-by-wire technology replaced the mechanical link between control and direction change, acceleration, deceleration and gear changes

Active seating - All seats reated to vehicle movement and were individually suspended. Users could alter comfort levels and the degree to which the seats tilted in cornering to improve occupant comfort.

source: Wikipedia

Engine & performance:

Type: 6-cylinder, DOHC

Capacity: 2.5-liter


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Ulrich Bez

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