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03/05/2012 1067

Toyota - Will-VC

Original name: トヨタ ウィル-VC

Toyota WiLL VC

The WiLL VC is a five-door hatchback based on the  WiLL concept of "a sense of fun and authenticity" and equipped with  an innovative "G-Book" information terminal to achieve the creation of a new mobile space suitable for the IT era.

The WiLL VC can be hooked up to network services such as Internet access, e-mail and real-time navigation. It also comes with such features as SD (secure digital) memory audio and provides non-intrusive two-way voice support that allows for voice-recognition operational commands, the reading aloud of received information and hands-free phone operation.

Exterior styling revolves around a "cyber  capsule" theme, while the interior design seeks to evoke a sense of attachment by repeating the use of circular elements.

SOURCE: Toyota


2001  Tokyo



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