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25/05/2012 1519

Toyota - SU-HV1

Original name: トヨタ SU-HV1


The SU-HV1 features an SUV-optimized Hybrid Synergy Drive and E-Four to deliver a new kind of powerful SUV performance together with compact-car-class fuel economy.

Powerful new SUV-optimized hybrid system: The hybrid system power unit comprises a 3.3-liter V6 gasoline engine together with a 120kW motor. By raising the electrical system voltage and using a faster spinning motor and generator, Toyota has achieved higher output and torque for optimum pairing with the V6 engine. To configure the E-Four system, Toyota added a 50kW rear motor, which also achieves higher output and torque as a benefit of the more powerful electrical system. The result is awesome power.

Environmental performance of a compact car: This application of Hybrid Synergy Drive gives the Toyota Hybrid SUV V8-level performance with fuel efficiency and emissions at compact car levels, twice as good as those of an SUV of equal displacement.

Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Management (VDM): The VDM concept for next-generation vehicle movement control coordinates the hybrid system, E-Four and Electronically Controlled Brake System (ECB) for dramatically improved handling and road-holding stability.

SOURCE: Toyota


2003  Tokyo



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