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08/07/2012 837

Toyota - Aygo for Sports Concept

Original name: トヨタ スポーツコンセプトのアイゴ


- Open-top Aygo for Sports designed for fun and freedom

- Two-seater with twin arched rails, but no roof

- Radical use of interior trim materials, including teak and Neoprene

- 17-inch wheels and LED light clusters

Aygo has brought a welcome breath of fresh air to the city car market. Now the wild Aygo for Sports concept version, created specially for Geneva, shows how those on board can enjoy a blast of healthy ozone and blaze a trail to the beach.

Off comes the roof and out come the rear seats to create an open-top machine that’s focused on fun. In place of the roof, Aygo for Sports has a pair of elegant but strong side hoops that curve over the car like a twin tribute to the new Wembley Arch. Massive 17-inch rims shod with 205/45 R17 tyres and LED light clusters add to the look-at-me styling, together with a special bright Ocean Blue paint finish.

Inside, the sculpted seats are finished in light blue Neoprene with beige leather inserts, with matching Neoprene detailing on the steering wheel. And to emphasise this Aygo’s beach party credentials, the floor is covered in teak in the best tradition of classic speedboats.

SOURCE: Toyota


2006  Geneva
2006  London

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