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Suzuki - GSX-R/4

Original name: スズキ GSX-R/4


The GSX-R/4 is a proposed concept car that is designed to pursue the “feeling of unification of its driver and the machine in the way no other conventional sport cars have done. It offers nimble and direct drivability utilizing Suzuki’s motorcycle expertise of a high performance small engine, and weight-saving technologies as a specialty manufacture of compact automotive vehicles.

Various motorcycle technologies are adopted in every part of the GSX-R/4. Mounted on the rear-mid is 1.3-liter engine of the Hayabusa (GSX1300R) delivering maximum output of 129kW(175ps)/9800rpm and maximum torque of 138Nm/7000rpm. This world-class engine offers high-rpm performance that could not be achieved by any normal automobile engine.

At the same time, Advanced Safety Vehicle (ASV) technologies are applied to enable the drivers to experience the feeling of driver-to-machine unity, in addition to its fundamental function to enhance safety driving, optimizing the driver’s technique.


  • 1.3L DOHC engine of the ultimate sport motorcycle "Hayabusa" mounted on the rear-mid
  • Aluminum space frame
  • Distinctive exterior design representing the concept "unification of motorcycle and automobile", including aluminum frame, bared suspension mechanism, bared engine
  • Easy-to-tune and height adjustable suspensions
  • Detachable lightweight recycled-plastic body panels for easy customizing
  • "GSX-R4 Advanced Navigation System" and CCD on-board camera
  • "Circuit navigation function" to assist both beginners and experienced drivers in circuit driving
  • "Vehicle setting function" to modify engine settings
  • Indicates positions and lap time of other competitors in the circuit
  • "Replay function" with which the drivers can review their own drive afterwards. The recorded data can be saved in a computer at home.
  • "Wrist Mount System", sponsored by Seiko Instruments Inc., that searves as a door-lock releaser, identification of the driver, wireless communication tool via LAN, and hand-free mobile phone
  • Light and supportive bucket seats
  • Luggage space behind the seats to store two helmets




Overall length


Overall width


Overall height




Ground clearance


Curb weight



Piston displacement

1,299 cc

Valve arrangement







6-speed sequential

Driven wheel



Front / Rear



Front / Rear

Double wishbone

Tire size





Maximum speed

220km/h (Target)



Fuel tank capacity

33 litter


SOURCE: Suzuki. Please mention if you use this text.

Suzuki Shows Part Car, Part Motorcycle Concept

And Race Vehicles At Los Angeles Auto Show

-- Cars were created from Suzuki automotive and motorcycle advanced technologies --

LOS ANGELES, Calif (January 4, 2002)-American Suzuki Motor Corporation, an innovative manufacturer of a wide variety of vehicles, displays its new GSX-R/4 concept car and Formula Hayabusa race car for the first time in the U.S. at the Los Angeles Auto Show, January 5 - 13. Both cars combine the best of Suzuki automotive and motorcycle technologies, turning a two-wheel motorcycle into a four-wheel, high-performance concept car and an open-wheel race car.

The state-of-the-art multi-featured GSX-R/4 concept car is an ultra-light one-of-a-kind vehicle designed to unite driver to machine in a way no other conventional sports car has done before. It offers agile operation of the car and first-rate drivability distinctiveness, utilizing Suzuki's motorcycle expertise in producing high-performance small engines and Suzuki's weight-saving technologies as a manufacturer of automotive vehicles. The 1.3-liter engine of the GSX1300R Hayabusa motorcycle revs up to its 11,000 rpm redline and with 173 horsepower, the concept car's power is directed through a smooth, hand-shifted six-speed sequential transmission.

The Formula Hayabusa -- designed for a new Japanese one-make competition series -- is an open-wheel race car built to showcase Suzuki's advanced automotive and motorcycle engineering, and the firm's ability to build affordable high-performance products. The race car -- powered by the engine of the fastest mass-produced street motorcycle in history, the GSX1300R Hayabusa -- has 175 horsepower at 9,800 rpm, generated with the help of double overhead cams, 16 valves, an 11:1 compression ratio, liquid-cooling and electronic fuel injection.

SOURCE: Suzuki. Please mention if you use this text.


The GSX-R/4 is a new-sensation lightweight sports car developed under the concept "a car can be so much fun in the 2lst century!" The GSX-R/4's high performance comes from mounting the 1.3-liter engine from the large Suzuki motorcycle Hayabusa 1300 onto a lightweight and highly rigid aluminum frame built using technology nurtured with Suzuki motorcycles, and covering it with a lightweight body built of environmentally benign recycled plastic material. The GSX-R/4 is Suzuki's suggestion for a car with new 2lst century ideas, bringing together designs for safety supported by the newest ASV technology and IT know-hows and the concept of "enjoyment of a car full of fun factors". Enjoy Suzuki's free and unique ideas and technology that the GSX-R/4 fully embodies.

SOURCE: Suzuki. Please mention if you use this text.


2001  Frankfurt
2002  Los Angeles
2002  Paris

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