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16/08/2011 1031

Suzuki - Alto Heart Stand

Original name: スズキ アルトハートスタンド

Concept car

1. Moving stall "ALTO Heart Stand"

  • This model is based on the New ALTO, which was launched on September 13, 2004.
  • This is a lively, attractive commercial car and its concept is "mini commercial car that colours up you life and enriches your mind anytime, anywhere." Various useful functions as a moving stall and remarkable height succeed creating excellent loading capacity as a commercial vehicle.
  • This unique moving stall has a front passenger door, back door and the side flip-up panel opened to reveal showcases. The side panel is also equipped with a liquid crystal display for advertisements.
  • The exhibited car on the booth is decorated as an attractive moving florist, which is a tie-up with "Plants Plants", the popular botanical shop among fashion-conscious women in the city areas.
    • Dimension (Length X Width X Height): 3,395mm X 1,475mm X 1,730mm
    • Engine: 0.66L DOHC 3-valves
    • Seating capacity: 1


SOURCE: Suzuki


2004  Tokyo
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