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Sivax - Streetster II Xtile


A style that rewrites paradigms and crosses dimensions.


The second in the Streetster series, following the KIRA, the CTILE is another product of collaboration between our Paris and Yokohama design studios. Signifying "the creation of a new kind of style beyond existing paradigms through the blending of multiple phenomena," the XTILE embodies a bold undertaking toward a new design language.
The world of anime (animated film) is not everyone's cup of tea, but there are also many people who draw inspiration and courage from anime stories and characters. Anime has also contributed significantly to the advancement of science and technology.
Given the homogenization of product quality and functionality these days, achieving brand differentiation depends heavily on the "character" projected by the product. Accordingly, ours has been called the "age of the character image."
With their great diverstiry and color, characters from the world of anime inject vitality into the real world as well. Their compelling appeal arises by force of detail and narrative intricately interwoven to convey a clear message. The essential technique of anime is the careful reconfiguration of signs and symbols.
The XTILE represents a blending of factors across the usual boundaries between the "hard" and "soft" dimensions. While aiming on the hardware side, for a full-fledged sports car package, in design we envisioned a sports car with the rich appeal of a surreal character, keeping as our conceptual anchorpoint the images of Japanimation (Japanese animation), a field that has attracted worldwide interest in recent years.

In this way, the message we convey is one of constant innovation of approach.


In the XTILE we have achieved a fresh and thoroughly original look through a reconfiguration of the fundamentals of stylized sports car motoring.

The car's overall design concept is encapsulated in the bold intermixture of its forward and rear body components. Indeed, the XTILE incorporates various kinds of blending and interplay, including between its interior and exterior design.
Extending from the rear into the cockpit, the center bar functions the way a spinal column controls a central nervous system. By centralizing manual and electronic driving commands, it enables the driver to feel completely at one with the machine. To complete the effect, the tight-fit cockpit has the feel of a cockpit in one of the "mobile suits" seen in a well-known robot anime series.
The aluminum-frame design of the functional components expresses both mechanical refinement and structural strength, and the contrast it sets up with the body color enhances the car's character-like appeal.
A key component of the XTILE's distinctive body side is its "double axis door," which opens and closes by means of a unique mechanism and in effect "releases" the driver into his own personalized realm of motoring pleasure. One look at the XTILE in motion, and your eyes will be opened to the irresistible possibilities it affords.


2004  Paris

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