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01/01/2016 2551

Phiaro - P67b Eternity


Established in 1939 Phiaro Group, an independent design-developing group has been providing services involved in the automobile and motorcycle prototypes for many years. In celebration of Tokyo Motor Show's 50th anniversary, Phiaro Group presents an attractive running prototype as a world premier.

"P67b ETERNITY" is a next generation 2-seater vehicle on 3-wheels, carrying a 660 cc engine. The DVC system allows the vehicle to automatically tilt its body at a precise angle according to the velocity and the steering angle. Driver will experience an astonishing sensation when cornering.
The design of "P67b ETERNITY" is based on the idea of revolutionary change of style from a traditional 3-wheeled vehicle. Exterior with dynamic yet aristocratic bodyline, and interior with combination of simplicity and elegance, we aim for the collaboration of vigorousness and intelligence.
This project was a joint project with Brink Dynamics in Holland. Fully supported by the DVC system licensed to Brink Dynamics, we managed to unite both styling and performance at a high level. Also, the traditional craftsmanship, which has been passed down in Phiaro Group since the establishment, resulted to the absolute quality of "P67b ETERNITY".

At this memorial event, Phiaro Group will show our gratitude to the past and at the same time make suggestion to the future with this 3-wheeler. By using this niche vehicle, we hope to express our theme "The Joy of Ride" an eternal affection in one's heart. Also, "Craftsmanship, Passion, Challenge" the heart of Phiaro Group, which must be passed on eternally. Furthermore, we intend to express the role of a 3-wheeled vehicle in society and the possibility to apply 3-wheeled vehicle to other categories.
As a Phiaro Group, we would like to challenge the latest technology and innovative designs to spread new ideas to the world. Creating the future from the global stand point...our enthusiasm towards craft will shine forever with "P67b ETERNITY".

Engine & performance:

Type: 40cylinderm 16-valve, turbo, intercooler

Capacity: 660 cc

Power: 65 hp @ 7500 rpm

Torque: 100 Nm @ 4000 rpm

Top speed: 185 km/h

0-100 km/h: 8.25 s


Length: 3400 mm

Width: 1470 mm

Height: 1300 mm

Wheelbase: 2720 mm

Weight: 680 kg


2005  Tokyo

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