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Nissan - Serenity

Original name: ニッサン セレニティ


A fusion of sport sedan and MPV

Nissan's proposal for a next-generation multipurpose saloon

Serenity is a next-generation multipurpose saloon with seating for six occupants, combining the sporty luxury of a sedan with minivan roominess. Offering an optimal balance of driving performance, luxuriousness and spaciousness, Serenity proposes an advanced fusion of sport sedan and multipurpose vehicle (MPV) that thoroughly pursues comfort for all occupants.

The design theme of Serenity is "Japanese DNA." Both the exterior and interior are inspired with a unique Japanese feeling that projects a refined tranquility characteristic of Japanese culture.

Along with its pursuit of a stress-free interior ambiance, Serenity also comes with a wealth of cutting-edge IT technologies reflecting innovative ideas. Serenity proposes a future image of enriched motoring experiences that all occupants can enjoy in complete comfort.

1. Exterior and interior styling blending Japanese aesthetics with superb functionality

With its innovative exterior and comfortable, spacious interior, Serenity's qualities are befitting a next-generation multipurpose saloon. As the name Serenity implies, the car's overall design has been unified around the key theme of "Japanese DNA," signifying Japanese sensibilities.

The side windows are designed with a distinctive shape reminiscent of a folding fan. While securing excellent visibility, the shape also gives the impression of enveloping and protecting those inside, thus combining beauty with function. In addition, the front mask, suggestive of Kabuki facial make-up, has resulted from a fusion of essential functionality with a distinct Japanese pattern like that seen in latticework.

Conveying an image of purity and fine quality, the interior was inspired by Japanese elements such as ink paintings, cherry blossoms and wave-like patterns. The two-tone interior color coordination scheme is based on a bright, colorful cherry beige that is combined with a subdued dark gray. The scheme expresses a relaxing ambiance that comes from a neatly ordered and decorous dynamic balance.

In addition, the wood-grain trim and instrument panel take their motifs from the dynamism of ink paintings and the permeation quality of the ink.

2. A comfortable interior that thoroughly pursues a stress-free ambiance for all occupants

(1) Ergonomically designed, stress-free, comfortable seats

Serenity aims to provide comfortable travel worthy of a luxury saloon. Toward that end, both the first and second rows adopt extraordinarily stress-free seats. Based on the concept of a "neutral posture," these stress-free seats recline to disperse a seated occupant's body pressure so as to avoid putting any strain on the lower back.

A neutral posture refers to a natural balance of muscular force such as what occurs in a weightless environment or in water. The use of seats that allow this posture minimizes fatigue induced by the load put on the body even during long touring. They provide first class comfort to passengers blending a sense of tranquility and good tension.

The front passenger seat and the second-row seats have a long sliding travel and incorporate an ottoman. In both the first and second rows, the center armrest slides in tandem with the seats, among other features that ensure a comfortable occupant posture at all times.

With the adoption of shift-by-wire and steering-by-wire technologies, shifting and steering positions are adjusted in concert with the driver's seat. This makes it possible to provide the optimum driving position matching the driver's stature, something that was difficult to achieve with conventional systems.

(2) Excellent driving performance concentrated in a novel, compact package

While providing an interior height comparable to that MPVs, Serenity's overall height has been kept to 1,550 mm to achieve a sporty exterior design and driving ease on a par with a sedan.

The stowable third-row seat allows flexible accommodation of different numbers of occupants and creates large luggage space when stowed away. The novel "swing doors" without any center pillar contribute to a feeling of openness and enhanced comfort when entering and exiting the car, as well as to easy access to the third-row seat.

Powering Serenity is the quiet, torqueful VQ35 engine that promises high-quality driving performance with nimble responsiveness. Serenity is fitted with Nissan's XTRONIC CVT continuously variable transmission for exceptionally smooth acceleration combined with outstanding fuel economy.

(3) "Individual AV System" for theater-like presence in all four seating positions

Serenity adopts Nissan's Individual AV System that allows first- and second-row occupants to operate the AV functions skillfully and independently. Each seating position has its own exclusive monitor, and flat speakers that reduce sound leakage to adjacent seats are embedded in the head restraints. Occupants can enjoy listening to powerful music without interfering with the enjoyment of other passengers. In addition, the second-row seats are equipped with a Bodysonic sound system for enhanced concert-hall presence, achieving a luxurious AV environment similar to a home theater.

3. Cutting-edge IT features propose possibilities for more comfortable and enjoyable usage in daily life

(1) The magical 4 HMI concept that facilitates stress-free, centralized control

The magical 4 concept is one of the human-machine interfaces (HMI) conceived by Nissan for future application. Based on a thorough study of the functions used in many different driving situations, it allows essential functions to be executed from the main menu in a stress-free manner involving few operations. This interface provides a system that enables various functions to be controlled via four switches mounted on the steering wheel.

The in-dash monitor adopts a touch panel for performing more detailed input operations whenever necessary while the vehicle is at rest.

(2) Cutting-edge "Horizontal Meter Unit" for optimal and timely presentation of information to the driver

The revolutionary Horizontal Meter Unit, measuring 70 mm in height and 1,200 mm in width, is positioned at the bottom of the windshield for minimizing changes in the driver's line of sight.

The Horizontal Meter Unit has a split-level structure consisting of a liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor and a transmissive electroluminescent (EL) display. Information needed by each of the occupants while traveling can be displayed in the optimum position at the right time. This includes driving information such as the vehicle speed and audio/air-conditioner settings, as well as camera images provided by the All-Around View System and information downloaded via CARWINGS.

When set to the "City Browser" mode for picking up town information while driving, live information transmitted from shops being passed along the way is displayed on the Horizontal Meter Unit together with arrow indications and voice announcements. As the car travels along, the display follows the actual landmarks as seen by the driver. Occupants can obtain both text and voice information safely, enjoyably and naturally, just as if they were watching a movie with subtitles.

(3) All-Around View System for enhanced driving safety

This system uses wide-angle cameras incorporated in the side mirrors and front- and rear-mounted cameras to assist the driver's outward view, including blind spots around the car. Images that are best suited to supporting the driver's judgment depending on the situation are electronically produced and shown on the LCD monitor of the Horizontal Meter Unit for enhanced driving safety, such as when changing lanes or backing into a parking space.



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SOURCE: Nissan



2003  Tokyo



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