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29/04/2012 1229

Nissan - Redigo

Original name: ニッサン レディゴ

A new-sensation open-roof car for active young people to enjoy the thrill of open-air cruising

Loaded with an array of newly conceived equipment and ideas, the new-sensation Redigo open-roof car enables users to enjoy fun-filled drives in the open air. All four occupants, not only the driver but also the front- and rear-seat passengers, can share the pleasure of traveling together.

The large glass roof on either side slides open toward the center for a feeling of oneness with the wind, which is one of Redigo's unique attractions. Advanced IT technologies and various entertainment features make drives even more enjoyable. Redigo promises space for comfortable travel by four occupants.

The body of Redigo has a rounded form at the four corners as if it were a rubber boat floating in space. The vertically long LED headlamps make a striking impression with their bold look. Redigo pursues Nissan's proposal for a new dimension of car enjoyment.

1. New open-roof exterior design for an intimate feeling of the wind and nature

The "center slot in roof" concept proposes a new sensation of enjoyment in an open-roof car. The glass roof on either side slides under motor power to stow away in the center of the roof without sacrificing the luggage area capacity. Opening the side windows and the glass roof simultaneously creates a feeling of openness. Occupants can vary the openness as they wish by opening or closing the glass roof and the windows separately. The glass roof is laminated with a film that has special patterns for controlling the reflection and transmission of light.

2. An interior packed with exciting pleasure for four adults

The unique interior incorporates a wealth of new ideas enabling four occupants to enjoy pleasurable driving. Positioned ahead of the front seats is the unique "twin cluster," comprising the same type of display on both the driver's and passenger's sides. The driver-side display is stationary and shows information needed for driving, such as the vehicle speed and various types of warnings. The passenger-side display is movable and presents navigation and entertainment information. The cluster can be turned upward to the right 90‹, and storage space for e-Memo (a memory chip with a display function) is provided behind it.

The doors, seats and floor adopt water-resistant materials that actively expand the possibilities for leisure use. The door trim and head restraints feature a soft, glossy urethane material. A cheerful-looking mesh material is applied to the seatbacks.

A sound system that enables all four occupants to enjoy high-quality music has been adopted for Redigo. Flat panel speakers with exceptionally good directionality for medium- to high-pitched sounds are embedded in the A-pillars and back surfaces of the front-seat head restraints, and a sub-woofer is built into the center console. In addition, the head-restraint speakers for the rear seats delay the sound so that the medium to high notes and the low notes are heard simultaneously in a well-balanced harmony.

3. New IT technologies for creating enjoyment

Redigo comes with Nissan's e-Memo, an information function that enables everyone aboard the car to share information instantly with others. This memory chip with a display function allows media content to be rewritten on a thin electronic display as if writing on paper, allowing information to be shared in a memo-like manner.

For example, information about a place one wants to visit can be downloaded to e-Memo using a cellphone. Then, by simply inserting e-Memo into a slot in the dashboard monitor, the navigation system can provide route guidance to that place. Information that friends bring along in e-Memo can also be edited automatically on the dashboard monitor while everyone is watching. Images and music can also be downloaded for enjoyment while traveling.

4. Utility for an expanded range of enjoyment

Within a compact overall body length of 3,830 mm, Redigo provides comfortable seating space for four adults, plus sufficient luggage room to carry all the things needed for an overnight trip. In addition to its high minimum ground clearance, Redigo is equipped with Nissan's compact eE4WD system designed for maximum ease of use in everyday driving. This 4WD system greatly expands the range of activities possible in leisure situations, in addition to ordinary in-town use.


Overall length (mm)


Overall width (mm)


Overall height (mm)


Seating capacity


Wheelbase (mm)


Drive system



1.4-liter, inline 

4-cylinder gasoline engine



(continuously variable transmission)

Tires, front/rear



SOURCE: Nissan


2003  Tokyo



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