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22/04/2012 795

Nissan - Quest Concept

Original name: ニッサン クエスト コンセプト

Next Generation Quest Concept

Nissan's Next Generation Quest Concept is a bold departure from traditional minivan design, creating a very architectural and fluid alternative to a category marked by "boxes on wheels."  The Quest Concept, created at Nissan Design America, Inc. in La Jolla, Calif., features a long, sleek cabin with a flowing beltline gesture, a unique wraparound glass and, to emphasize its athletic performance capabilities, 20-inch wheels and tires pushed out to the corners.  The Quest Concept also features a power operated bi-fold tailgate that operates in a limited amount of space, a glass roof to illuminate the cabin and highly efficient fiber optic headlights.

The interior of the Next Generation Quest Concept breaks new ground in minivan interior design, creating an unparalleled vehicle environment for "family and friends."  The interior challenges convention with an innovative and efficient instrument panel layout, stylish and comfortable seat design and thoughtful storage locations.  The inspiration for the seating design and layout was premium comfort for six people, an experience enhanced by the Quest Concept's open interior atmosphere, centralized information center, advanced rear seat entertainment system and full-length rear overhead console.

The cylinder-shaped instrument panel, with its modern, desktop-like design, pulls away toward the floor, providing a more open floor space and an easier walkthrough to the rear compartment.  Other special touches include a sliding center console, woven leather floor material, motorized bike rack, seatback-mounted backpack-style storage and a camera mounted to show an infant's face on the center instrument panel screen when secured in a rear-facing child seat.

SOURCE: Nissan


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