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Nissan - Note inspired by adidas

Original name: ニッサン ノート インスパイアード by アディダス



- Car plus sportswear fashion with a Remix Generation feeling

- Projecting an atmosphere inspired by adidas

Japan’s Remix Generation seeks comfort, individual style and the freedom to combine whatever, whenever. Nissan designers followed the same path in dreaming up the Note inspired by adidas. Having observed young people’s attachment to sportswear as icons of their everyday lives, the designers considered how cars could be used in similar nonchalant fashion. Inspired by the adidas sports brand, they infused this carefree lifestyle into interior and exterior design and materials.

Looking at cars through Remix Generation eyes

Sportswear must guarantee ease of movement and comfort and a wide range of motion and functions, including elasticity, durability and appropriate response to cold, heat or moisture. Print patterns and color add fashion value.

That is what the Remix Generation demands of fashion. It has spawned a culture in which sportswear and everyday clothes are freely combined without being restricted by existing values. How would this notion apply to cars? A possible answer to that is the Note inspired by adidas. The original Note model is as flexible as the wishes of its driver and passengers. With this value reference, the Note inspired by adidas offers users completely new values in a car.

"Wearable" exterior and interior

How can a car be enjoyed in the same carefree way as sportswear in everyday life? The answer to that is the concept of "wearable." In the Note inspired by adidas, the user can change certain parts of the exterior and interior of the car as they desire. Users can express different moods as they wish. For example, users can change the surface treatment on the front and rear bumpers. In addition, the large-diameter wheels and tires are different in form from those on the original Note

The sporty design and materials were inspired by the globally renowned adidas multi-sports brand (thanks to the cooperation of adidas Japan).

The interior extensively incorporates design elements and materials from sportswear fashion. Fabrics and rubber materials that are familiar components of sportswear and related products have been applied to the dashboard, door panels and other locations to create a Remix image. This is in contrast to the general use of hard materials for many interior trim parts of a car. Dashboard trays are fitted with nets in which small items can be inserted for storage. The enameled glove box is opened and closed with a zipper. The center console incorporates a removable bag that can be carried around outside the car. Seat covers are made of several different materials and with different design patterns so that users can change them as they like.


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SOURCE: Nissan


2005  Tokyo



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