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29/04/2012 768

Nissan - Moco Preview

Original name: ニッサン モコ プレビュー

- Concept of car as "my best friend"

With a stylish design and roomy, comfortable interior, the Moco Preview presents the concept of “a car that helps you enjoy everyday life like a best friend would”.

Elegant and stylish

Target customers told us that because their cars are such indispensable tools in everyday life, they wanted a car with natural good looks, taste and style. The Moco Preview delivers.

Moco Preview’s elegant and stylish exterior silhouette gives the car a unique presence, while the attractive interior benefits from meticulous attention to quality.

Convenience is a top priority. Seats quickly and ingeniously lift up to reveal hidden storage compartments, and handy storage nooks abound.

Two friendly elements

Powered by a low-emission engine, the Moco Preview is environmentally friendly. It is also friendly to users’ wallets with one of the highest levels of fuel economy among tall wagons (above 1550 mm) of mini-vehicles.

Overall length (mm)


Overall width (mm)


Overall height (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Seating capacity



SOURCE: Nissan


2005  Tokyo



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