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22/04/2012 1230

Nissan - Cube3 + Conran&Partners

Original name: ニッサン キューブ キュービック + コンラン & パートナーズ

Introducing the new "Cube world" a collaboration created between Nissan and Conran & Partners

Conran & Partners proposes more comfortable and fulfilling lifestyles by designing original buildings, interiors, furniture and tableware and by creating select shops that offer a range of meticulously chosen goods from around the world.

Nissan and Conran have joined design teams to explore new possibilities to the three-row Cube Cubic. Interactive stimulation between Conran's design ethos and the Cube Cubic's fusion of design and functionality works well creating a new world of refinement, style and premium-tier quality to the car.

1. Seeking new possibilities Meeting of Nissan and Conran

Based in the London, the Conran & Partners studio has created a unique world in which it delivers leading design and sophisticated lifestyles. Conran is engaged in a wide range of diverse activities and services, including design for The Conran Shop projects, which offer a line-up of home furnishings carefully selected on the basis of a reliable and discerning eye for good quality & taste in design, as well as restaurant management, architecture and other business endeavours.

At the same time that Nissan Design was pursuing new possibilities for the Cube, Conran was also seeking a vehicle in which to explore new, latent potentialities in materials. Conran become interested in this car through the media and its information network as it is not offered for sale in the U.K.

2. Fusion of English and Japanese spiritual imagery

Cube Cubic + Conran & Partners uses references to "Japanese DNA" based on ideas originating in London. Sebastian Conran, Creative Director at Conran & Partners, regards "calm" as being a key element of Japanese DNA. Moreover, the form he envisaged for the expression of Japanese beauty is "circle." Cube Cubic + Conran & Partners has resulted from a blending of "circle" with the Cube's design theme of "circles joined by straight lines."

The grille is freshly unified in a circle theme in which round turn signal lamps are embedded in one part on either side. The four consecutively coloured rear combination lamps are also styled in a circle shape. Further extension of this 'soft' image led to the design of the full wheel covers inspired by the radiating water ripples as seen in a Japanese rock gardens.

On the inside, the air vents, shift lever, speaker grille, steering wheel and other parts all propose a refined design executed using a circle theme. Additionally, the Cube's original P-shaped meter cluster, door trim and the floor have also been modified to project a simpler less cluttered look.

The milk-white glass skylight, lets soft light (but not harsh sun) pour into the airy interior to engender a spiritual mood.

3. A unique world created by Conran coordination

Based on the new "Cube world" created by the Cube, Cube Cubic + Conran & Partners also gives expression to Conran's concept of Japanese DNA in the total colour coordination of the exterior and interior trim.

Shadow Grey has been adopted as the body colour, which combines well with the consummate arrangement of dark aluminium parts to project a chic appearance. The interior is accented in an intense DD Red to create a modern, lively cabin ambience with London references. This colour coordination strongly reflects Conran's cutting-edge design sensibilities.

The seats are covered with semi-aniline finished genuine leather, representative of Conran's superb quality. This seat material goes exceptionally well with the chic and stylish horizontal design motif to complete the unique interior of Cube Cubic + Conran & Partners.

Cube Cubic + Conran & Partners

Overall length (mm)


Overall width (mm)


Overall height (mm)


Seating capacity


Wheelbase (mm)


Track, front/rear (mm)


Drive system

Front engine, front drive (FF)





Suspension, front/rear

Independent struts/torsion beam

Tires, front/rear



SOURCE: Nissan


2003  Tokyo



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