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01/01/2012 1071

Nissan - Crossbow

Original name: ニッサン クロスボウ


 Nissan’s Crossbow 4x4 concept, which was recently revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, is a design exercise to graphically express Nissan’s passion for off-roaders.  It’s the result of Nissan’s 50 years’ experience in building off-roaders and follows in the sizeable tyre tracks of the company’s icon 4x4, the Patrol which has become a world-wide favourite due to a forthright, assertive image with 4x4 performance to match.

The Crossbow concept builds on the Patrol’s unique character with the unrestrained use of new materials, new technology and above all, new thinking.  It’s been designed to be a serious, V8-powered off-roader that’s adaptable, durable and functional yet is also a car that cossets its passengers whatever terrain Crossbow happens to be traversing.  Styling features have been incorporated to cope with real off-roading such as big, straight-edged wheelarches, short overhangs and fat tyres on huge 20” wheels.  Its face incorporates Nissan’s 4x4 angled strut grille that’s also seen on the X-TRAIL and Terrano II.

Crossbow’s inherent strength is demonstrated by the deliberately thick lines around the doors that highlight the depth and solidity of the steel cocoon around the occupants.  The rear doors are rear-hinged to give excellent access and the sill section drops down automatically to form a step when both side doors are opened – rather like an executive jet.  Tough materials have been used inside and outside the car, even on the roof which is covered in rubber.

Details show that Crossbow was designed for serious off-roading.  For example, the front bumper has a removable panel in the centre which reveals a built-in winch and the twin exhaust pipes exit flush with the rear bumper so they can’t get snagged as the car climbs a hill.  The Crossbow also has windscreen wipers that park vertically and run on concealed tracks to clean the entire windscreen.

The rugged looking exterior is contrasted by the luxurious, calm interior typified by the use of natural materials such as olive wood.  The tan coloured dashboard is contrasted with square, silver edges and a T-shaped graphics screen mounted in the centre console which integrates navigation, audio and climate controls.  There’s an off-road theme to the instruments, too, which can give information on road surface, traction levels, gradient and altitude.

Crossbow is currently just a concept and unique – literally, because only one has so far been built.  Whether any more will be made in the future, Nissan has yet to reveal.

SOURCE: Nissan


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