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22/04/2012 823

Nissan - C-Note

Original name: ニッサン シーノート

Representing Nissan's proposal for a new compact car with superior quality,

C-Note packs an array of comfort features into its compact body.

C-Note concept car offers a concentrated blend of comfort amenities. Comfort is provided by generous interior roominess that goes far beyond the size projected by its exterior appearance. Comfort features include the quality execution in the interior, as seen in the dashboard and seats, and the exceptional ease of everyday use, including nimble maneuverability and effortless ingress/egress.

Meticulously selected materials and superior workmanship combine to create a premium-quality interior within a dynamic and active body form.

1. Class-leading interior comfort and roominess

The tall overall height secures ample headroom, while both the front and rear seats have sufficient legroom for occupants to stretch out their legs in relaxed comfort. Such spaciousness ensures superb comfort for enjoying long touring. In general, vehicle occupants tend to feel a sense of unease if the distance between the front and rear seats exceeds a certain dimension. In C-Note, the front and rear seats are arranged at the right distance for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

The roomy front seats are comparable to those of a large sedan, providing a relaxing and comfortable ride with minimal fatigue even on long drives. The rear seats fold down and have long tracks for sliding forward up to 240 mm, making it simple to create expansive luggage space on a par with a wagon. Front-seat occupants can easily access things placed on the rear seats, which contributes to greater convenience in everyday use. A large fold-down center armrest with a built-in tray for storage space is provided in both the front and rear seats.

2. Comfortable interior of stellar quality

Finished in a bright beige color, the interior is characterized by a refreshing openness. This basic color is coordinated with the accent panels that feature a modern texture, and the genuine leather seats are decorated with a perforated pattern. The attention paid to the execution of the fine details of the interior has resulted in stellar quality and comfort surpassing the normal levels of this vehicle class.

Located in the center cluster is Nissan's newest IT interface along with a large 7-inch monitor. Besides providing outstanding operating ease and visibility, they also project a modern, high-quality atmosphere. The three large consecutive meters are simple in design and laid out for superior visibility. Each one is decorated with a ring that matches the overall fine quality of the interior.

3. Active exterior design for ease of use in everyday life

The exterior is executed in an active, dynamic form. While the side windows are designed nearly upright to create a comfortable, roomy interior, the body lines leading to the front and rear lamps are dynamically rounded so that the overall form does not appear boxy.

The high roof position and a suitable hip point that does not put any strain on the lower back combine to enable all occupants to enter and exit easily without any feeling of stress. Additionally, the dynamic treatment of the front and rear design also contributes to agile maneuverability for enhanced ease of use in everyday driving.

The stylish gold body color projects a high-quality look that is appropriate for this modern compact car with superior quality.



Overall length (mm)


Overall width (mm)


Overall height (mm)


Seating capacity


Wheelbase (mm)


Drive system

Front engine, 

front drive (FF)


SOURCE: Nissan


2003  Tokyo



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