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Nissan - Beeline

Original name: ニッサン ビーライン


(1) BeeLine (concept car)

A next-generation mobile business station that merges office and vehicle functions in an "all-in-one" concept

<A utility vehicle that thoroughly pursues business convenience>

- The convenient walk-through design allows easy movement throughout the interior, and the auto-sliding side door slides all the way forward to create a large, unobstructed opening for ready access to the vehicle.

- The second-row seats fold up for flexible expansion of the cargo area as needed.

- The cargo area is fitted with shelves and inside wall panels that fold down for use as a table or as a partition between the cockpit and the cargo area.

- The back door folds in the middle for easy loading and unloading of cargo in tight places.

<Fusion of vehicle and office functions expands new business opportunities>

- Various IT tools supported by further advanced CARWINGS technologies provide enhanced capabilities for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-office communications.

- The instrument panel can be opened and extended rearward on the left side to create a working area like a office with a keyboard and a monitor

<A friendly-looking design harmonized with the urban landscape>

- Executed around a motif of straight lines and curves, the exterior design projects a highly friendly image.

- The modern treatment of the headlamps and rear combination lamps is intended to catch the eyes of passersby.

- The interior color scheme is based on a quiet gray motif coordinated with a white color resembling an office desk and a yellow tint for accent

SOURCE: Nissan



2002  Tokyo

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