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21/11/2013 914

Mitsubishi - Tarmac Spyder

Original name: 三菱ターマックスパイダー

Tarmac Spyder overview


Tarmac Spyder's distinctive front visage showcases the new MMC design identity: the front grille featuring a raised triangular base embellished by a prominent three-diamond Mitsubishi logo.

Packaged within the compact dimensions normal to a hi-performance sports car, Tarmac Spyder's easily detachable hard top enables all four occupants to enjoy the thrills and elation of open car driving with space to spare.

A new sliding door design realizes a sweet balance between styling aesthetics and convenience.


While employing materials and color schemes developed to satisfy the Gen Y consumer's appetite for the "genuine article", massive braces between the seats give expression to Tarmac Spyder's spartan design motif that evokes images of a racing car or even jet fighter cockpit.

The dashboard and instrument panel use the wave-line styling theme that identifies MMC's new interior design identity to realize an interior that wraps round and embraces its occupants in sumptuous and reassuring comfort.

The on-board CDD camera captures all the excitement of that trip down to the sea or into the outback, while individual LED monitors enable front and rear seat passengers to enjoy whatever's showing on the DVD player.

Mechanical features

The powertrain uses the 4G63-type 2.0-liter in-line 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC engine mated to Mitsubishi's Sportronic TM Sequential-Shift 5-speed automatic transmission.

Mitsubishi's All Wheel Control technology - comprising ACD, AYC and Sports ABS - has been optimized to realize dramatic improvements in fun-to-drive dynamic performance characteristics while also delivering relaxing and easy-to-drive controllability that accommodates a wide range of driving abilities.

Major specifications


Length x width (mm)

4055 x 1825

Wheelbase (mm)





2.0-liter in-line 4-cylinder DOHC
with intercooler-turbocharging


Sportronic TM Sequential-Shift
5-speed automatic


Full-time 4WD (with ACD&AYC)

Wheels & tires



SOURCE: Mitsubishi


2003  Detroit
2003  Geneva
2003  Tokyo



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