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06/01/2018 1004

Mitsubishi - Space Liner

Original name: 三菱 スペース ライナー

SPACE LINER - Next-generation Relaxation Vehicle

This concept car takes a fresh and innovative look at the real significance of interior space. Space Liner is a proposal for a "feel-good interior space" - one born from Japanese perceptions in realizing a comfortable marriage between the private seclusion of the interior and the world outside the car.

  • Delineating the car's potent low-and-wide stance, the futuristic mono-form body and long wheelbase give accent to the sporty & elegant aesthetics of MMC Design.
  • An innovative seating layout provides generous room for four adults to relax in comfort as well as providing comfort-enhancing room outside the elbows. Indirect lighting and trans-lucent sunshades contribute to a uniquely relaxing space - one that calls on Japanese tastes in use of space and use of soft natural lighting.
  • Space Liner reduces occupant stress levels further with center-opening doors, power-driven swiveling front seats that facilitate entry and egress, and a sofa-type rear seat designed for comfort.
  • Keeping stress levels low when on the move, Space Liner sports an advanced ITS-ASV specification that includes Lane Trace Assist and other technologies designed to support the driver in his operation of the vehicle.
  • Drive-by-wire technology places accelerator and brake controls at the driver's fingertips on the steering unit and allows the steering unit to be transferred from one side of the vehicle to the other in a simple operation.
  • An advanced and ultra-clean fuel cell system supplies motive power, using front and rear traction motors to drive all four wheels.


Overall length, 4900 mm; Overall width, 1880m; Overall height, 1530mm; Wheelbase, 2950 mm; Occupants, 4

SOURCE: Mitsubishi


2001  Tokyo



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