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16/08/2011 1141

Mitsubishi - SUW Compact

Original name: 三菱 SUW コンパクト

Mitsubishi Motors' SUW Compact concept car combines ecological consciousness and universal design

The Mitsubishi SUW (smart utility wagon) concept involves developing cars that are more friendly to both people and the environment. The SUW Compact is Mitsubishi's vision of the compact cars for the near future: environmentally friendly, versatile, nimble and safe. Tomorrow's urban sophisticate will benefit from the advances that are being introduced in this intelligent new car that is everything an urban car should be: compact and stylish outside, yet spacious and comfortable inside.

A new type of urban compact car

The SUW Compact is the latest embodiment of Mitsubishi's corporate policy, which is to provide superior, distinctive products that are ecologically conscious and have smart design. The objective of smart design is to create a car that offers all its occupants, not just the driver, a stress-free journey. Detailed attention to utility and comprehensive safety technology will make the SUW Compact an integral part of its users' lifestyles.

The development theme of the SUW Compact was a "smart urban runner," based on the SUW concept. Leading-edge technology was then added to the underlying ecologically conscious and smart design elements, creating a vehicle that lives up to its name. The SUW Compact offers lively, highly responsive performance, while being extremely economical. Its compact body is perfect for urban mobility, yet provides plenty of interior space and a reassuring level of safety.

GDI-ASG gives the SUW Compact outstanding fuel economy and natural-feeling starting

The SUW Compact features a newly developed 1.1-litre GDI rated at an impressive 78 PS/6,000 rpm and 10.5 kgom/4,000 rpm, providing the kind of perky performance needed in a modern urban setting. The real advance in terms of ecological consciousness is the addition of the ASG (Automatic Stop & Go) system, part of Mitsubishi Motors' GDI-Sigma technologies (see separate release for complete details).

The GDI-ASG takes advantage of the GDI's fasting starting ability to overcome the major disadvantage of previous idling-stop systems, namely delayed restart. Because the GDI takes only 1/6 of revolution to start, GDI-ASG restarts the engine before the clutch is completely engaged and the gear lever moved. This superior starting gives the SUW Compact the kind of performance that will feel natural to most drivers.

Ecological awareness, economy and style come to town

In addition to the 1.1-litre GDI, the SUW Compact has other measures that make it extremely economical. Despite its semi-tall body, it has an outstanding drag coefficient of just CD 0.30. With these and other measures, the SUW Compact's fuel economy is an excellent 4.5 litres per 100 km. If the vehicle's weight is reduced by another 50 kg and is fitted with a semi-automatic transmission with a dry clutch, the SUW Compact will comply with the European 3-litre car standard (3.8 litres of petrol per 100 km). Harmful substances have been minimised in favour of environmentally friendly materials that have been, and can be, recycled.

The SUW Compact will allow urban users to enjoy every aspect of driving, from dynamics to comfort and relaxation, while remaining environmentally responsible.

Smart design leads to a people-friendly car

The SUW Compact's exterior design theme was "smart and active runner." This was achieved through its distinctive aerodynamic shape with well-defined curves and flowing lines. Its free-flowing organic shape also projects the driver's ecological awareness.

Safety was the top priority from the fundamental construction down to the smallest details. The SUW Compact's safety-enhanced body structure demonstrated excellent occupant protection from every direction in tests, which included the European 64 km/h ODB (Offset Deformable Barrier), 50 km/h side and 50 km/h rear tests. The safety-enhanced body is complemented by an array of other safety features like SRS front airbags, SRS side airbags built into the seatbacks, ABS and brake assistance.

The SUW Compact has dimensions that really live up to its name. It is a mere 3,580 mm long, 1,685 mm wide and 1,515 mm high. Short front and rear overhangs give it the excellent manoeuvrability vital to an urban runabout. An attribute assisted by a turning radius of just 4.4 metres.

inside as well as out

Despite its modest overall dimensions, the SUW Compact has a relatively large cabin. The interior design theme was "user-friendly universal design". Getting in and out of the SUW Compact is easy for people of all ages. The doors are 1,270 mm long and open to a wide 65o. Once inside, the 590-mm hip point allows occupants to sit in a natural posture. This, combined with the high eye line and low belt line, makes the car airy, comfortable and easy to drive.

The interior is a haven of gentle design in the harsh city environment. The free-flowing lines of the wings are continued in the armrests and door trim. The highly legible instruments are housed in an innovative central cluster and the left and right hand sides of the dashboard have storage compartments large enough to hold a woman's handbag. The harmony between the exterior and interior design makes the SUW Compact extremely distinctive and gives it worldwide appeal.

SOURCE: Mitsubishi


Length: 3580

Width:  1685 mm

Height: 1515 mm

Wheelbase: 2390 mm


1999  Frankfurt
1999  Tokyo

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