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16/10/2011 841

Mitsubishi - SUP

Original name: 三菱 SUP

S.U.P. - New Active Gear

Happy using hi-tech gadgets and gizmos Monday to Friday; then out for a bunch of fun communing with nature at weekends and holidays. Sports Utility Pack is designed for nature lovers who are equally happy with the latest in technology. Features include:

A design that gives graphic expression to fun-loving lifestyles. The tube line wrapping round the futuristic pop-art design body also houses front and rear lamp units, the full-length lamella roof panel, and semi-transparent door panels are just a few of the imaginative and original elements in this futuristic design.

An earth- and resource-friendly hybrid 4WD drivetrain gives gutsy all-surface performance, with great driveability. Mitsubishi's soft HEV (GDI-ISA) drivetrain powers the front wheels through an automated manual transmission and each rear wheel is driven by its own motor.


Overall length, 4160 mm; Overall width, 1850m; Overall height, 1630mm; Wheelbase, 2620 mm; Occupants, 4; Engine, inline-4 GDI-ISA; Transmission, automated manual transmission

SOURCE: Mitsubishi

In its design and execution, the S.U.P. is very much a product of technology that maintains an organic spirit. This rugged, four-wheel-drive, adventure-seeking concept is suitably dressed for any kind of a journey. Cleverly designed, semi-transparent storage compartments in the door panels, seatback-mounted backpacks, a fresh water shower, and a first-aid kit mounted in the quarter panel mean that the S.U.P. is ready to tackle just about any challenge. The S.U.P.'s spacious interior seats four and provides an exciting and modern environment for adventure to take hold. Also, a full-length lamella roof panel retracts to bathe the occupants in sunlight.

The S.U.P. is powered by an eco friendly hybrid drive train that connects to all four wheels for confident all-surface performance. An efficient GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) engine powers the front wheels through an automated manual transmission. Meanwhile, separate electric traction motors drive the two rear wheels while producing zero emissions.

SOURCE: Mitsubishi


2001  Tokyo
2002  Detroit



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