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01/01/2012 968

Mitsubishi - Concept-X

Original name: 三菱 コンセプト-X

The star of the 39th annual Tokyo Motor Show, the Concept-X is the most comprehensive and dynamic performance concept yet developed by Mitsubishi. A first look at the car that will become the tenth-generation Lancer Evolution, Concept-X possesses numerous innovations that are guaranteed to thrill. From a six-speed transmission with paddle shifters to an all-new all aluminum MIVEC-equipped and turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the power train of the future is as serious as the flowing lines that surround it.

Putting this power to the ground is going to be every bit as advanced, with the next generation of Mitsubishi all-wheel drive—S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control)—taking center stage. Along with the Active Center Differential from previous generations, the Concept-X sports the Active Yaw Control of the Japanese-market Evo along with Active Braking Control, Active Steering Control and Roll Control Suspension technologies to create one of the most comprehensive and advanced road-holding systems ever seen. Enhancing the handling further are the aluminum roof and body panels that lower the center of gravity and reduce the moment of inertia at turn-in, improving steering and handling characteristics even more.

Power Train

Engine: Inline-4, turbocharged and intercooled

Displacement (cc):  2.0 L

Horsepower : N/A

Engine Block : Aluminum

Cylinder Heads: Aluminum

Transmission Type: Six-speed automated manual, with paddle shifting

Overall Length: 4530mm

Overall Width: 1830mm

Overall Height: 1470mm

Wheelbase: 2650mm

Track: F/R 1565/1565

Seating: 4

Tires: 20 x 9

SOURCE: Mitsubishi


2005  Tokyo
2006  Geneva



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