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16/10/2011 893

Mitsubishi - CZ3 Tarmac

Original name: 三菱CZ3ターマック

CZ3 TARMAC - Sports Feeling Compact

This proposal for a classy and sophisticated 4-door city car also offers plenty for the motoring enthusiast with road performance and cockpit design exuding the spirit of Mitsubishi Motors' WRC winning rally machines. Features include:

A 1.5-liter GDI intercooler turbocharger engine that delivers high response and returns outstanding mileage.

The same Mitsubishi Motors' all-wheel drive with Active Center Differential + Active Yaw Control drivetrain as the Lancer Evolution VII (ACD; AYC).

A driver-friendly, sporty character that comfortably unites man and his machine with han-dling characteristics that match driver operation and mood.

Appealing, dynamic lines and contours. The cockpit hugs the driver in a hi-tech and func-tional embrace, with shift selector and 3-dial gauges that use the sequential shifter and instrumentation on the Lancer Evolution WR Car for the design motif. full specification of functional and fun appointments, including Multi-monitor center console that groups to-gether DVD player, navigation and other infotainment systems to keep fun-loving urban dwellers happy and content.


Overall length, 3850 mm; Overall width, 1750m; Overall height, 1420mm; Wheelbase, 2500 mm; Occupants, 4; Engine, 1.5-liter inline-4 GDI intercooler/turbocharger; Transmission, CVT

SOURCE: Mitsubishi


2001  Tokyo



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