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16/10/2011 942

Mitsubishi - CZ2 Concept

Original name: 三菱 CZ2

CZ2 - Stylish Urban Compact

This is a proposal for a street-chic but comfortably laid-back new-generation compact. Its exterior design will turn head on the street and set its passengers' adrenaline flowing. Distinguishing fea-tures include:

A chic design with a striking single-motion silhouette and wave-form dashboard.

A roomy interior space, deriving from the long wheelbase, that is loaded with comfort and convenience enhancing appointments including a bench-type front seat, detachable door trim pouches, and a switchable light control glass roof.

A comprehensive advanced safety specification that includes fiber-optic head and tail lamps.

Strain-free performance and very low fuel consumption from the 1.3-liter DOHC variable valve timing engine and continuously variable transmission powertrain.

Superior styling and build quality for enhanced everyday motoring pleasure.


Overall length, 3830 mm; Overall width, 1695 mm; Overall height, 1475 mm; Wheelbase, 2500 mm; Occupants, 4; Engine, 1.3-liter inline-4; Transmission, CVT.

SOURCE: Mitsubishi


2001  Tokyo



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