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Mazda - Nextourer

Original name: マツダ ネオストツアラー

A new-generation touring car concept which blends the comfort of a luxury sedan with the versatility of an SUV

Traditionally, luxury sedans, with their characteristic excellent handling stability, comfortable ride and a quiet cabin, were the vehicles of choice for high speed touring. But recently, lifestyles and the ways in which people use their cars have begun to change rapidly. Today’s owners expect more than safety, comfort, ease of driving and enhanced basic performance features with which they were previously satisfied ? so Mazda believes that a next-generation touring sedan should also deliver high levels of versatility. NEXTOURER is a new-generation touring car concept that comprehensively embodies the Mazda brand personality. It has a spacious, luxurious and comfortable cabin combined with a stylish exterior, dynamism and quality. Excellent dynamic performance and an exceptional chassis provides superb driving performance and a stable ride.

Distinctive design

Harmony of static and dynamic beauty

The NEXTOURER embodies Mazda’s“Contrast in Harmony”design theme, combining elegant appearance and dynamism with powerful driving performance.

Distinctive exterior with strength and elegance

The front conveys sportiness, featuring high luminance discharge headlamps, and the Mazda family face including a five-point grille and brand symbol. The flow of the body lines from the grille to the extended cabin create a dynamic, energetic impression. The long roof silhouette gives the upper body a feeling of spacious comfort. The brisk fenders and large wheels and tires - symbolic of the NEXTOURER’s excellent driving performance - are harmoniously integrated into the lower body. At the rear, a clear-cut form with the“center-focused”styling theme expresses Mazda’s unique design. The rear combination lamps with high luminance emphasize the personality and individually of the rear view.

A high-quality interior provides a very comfortable space

The interior design creates high levels of comfort and functionality. Ease of operation is enhanced and a comfortable interior space is achieved by locating several functions in the center - such as gauges, entertainment display, control switches and storage space for a laptop computer. The Multi Zone Air-conditioner has a compact main unit and eliminates air outlets from the center of the instrument panel, resulting in a simple and clean design with a feeling of openness.

The entire cabin, including the area behind the rear seat, is designed for spaciousness and comfort. A sporty feel is achieved through the use of dark turquoise in the upper areas and orange/silver in the lower sections. The seats wrap around each of the four occupants, providing an equal level of quality comfort. Indirect illumination is positioned in the instrument panel, door trim and other locations to provide a luxurious level of illumination at night. A large Transverse Sun-roof in the center of the roof gives each occupant a feeling of openness.

Exceptional functionality

High level of comfort and space utility

Although it has the attributes of a sedan, the NEXTOURER’s form has a long-roof, reflecting its innovative and imaginative product concept. It offers a comfortable cabin space for each passenger and excellent space utility to accommodate large items of cargo, as well as advanced human interface for safe driving.

Ample and comfortable cabin space provided by long-roof design

The distinctive form with a long roof line greatly increases the cabin space, compared with a conventional notchback sedan. It has an overall length of 4,700 mm and an overall width of 1,850 mm, and FWD configuration. The 2,800mm wheelbase provides cruising stability and allows plenty of distance between the front and rear seats. A high and upright seat position in both the front and rear provides more space around the rear passengers feet. To ensure rear-seat passengers enjoy a relaxed seating position, their seats are equipped with individual power reclining adjustment control. The Multi Zone Air-conditioner incorporates air outlets for cool air in the roof, while heated air outlets are located on the floor, resulting not only in improved temperature balance but also rapid heating and cooling. In addition, a highly efficient heat pump unit contributes to energy savings. Independent temperature control for the right and left, together with independent air volume control for each person, enables individual settings for the most comfortable climate for each occupant.

A high level of space utility which flexibly accommodates different-sized cargo

Both left and right rear seatbacks fold flat forward independently, and the whole rear seat double folds to create an interior with the flexibility to accommodate different sized cargo. In normal use, the comfortable interior is isolated from the cargo space like a three-box sedan, partitioned by the Flexible Package Board to create a unified passenger area. However, the flexible package board can be electrically folded in   line with the double folding mechanism of the rear seat. The Dual Mode Rear Gate enables the lower half of the tailgate to open like a sedan, and the whole tailgate can be opened like that of a hatchback.

A towerless rear suspension means that there are no protrusions in the cargo area. As a result, the NEXTOURER has a cargo capacity of 400 liters* with the rear seats in the rearmost position - or 1,000 liters*when the rear seats are double folded(* in VDA value).

The Active Height Control System provides an optimum seating position and vehicle height

The Active Height Control System in the suspension varies the vehicle height by three levels to provide the ideal position for getting in and out of the vehicle, driving in the city, and high speed driving. When the vehicle is parked, the vehicle height is set at the lowest level to provide easier entry and exit, with the hip point at 570 mm to reduce movement effort. Once the vehicle is started, the height rises by 100 mm to the highest position, to provide excellent visibility in city driving. When the vehicle speed exceeds 80 km/h the height is lowered 50 mm from the highest setting to enhance driving stability. The auto leveling function keeps the vehicle at an even level regardless of the number of passengers or cargo.

Advanced human interface and information system

Instead of the normal ignition key, the NEXTOURER uses an entry card containing each driver’s data. To make entry and exit easier, the driver’s 6-way Memory Seat automatically moves to the rearmost position and the steering wheel is tilted upwards. By inserting the entry card into a slot, the seat is automatically adjusted to the position memorized in the card. The lighting for the instrument panel is operated by the IG(Ignition)-Dial Switch, while the engine is started by pressing the starter switch.

The NEXTOURER contains an“ITS instrument panel,”when includes the speedometer, tachometer and other gauges, plus the driving display for information via ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). A 7-inch pop-up monitor in the center of the instrument panel, and a 6-inch entertainment display for the rear seats set into the rear end of the center console, allow passengers to access the Internet, read e-mail, and watch television.

Responsive handling and performance

The NEXTOURER employs a 3.0-liter V6 DOHC engine, with Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) mechanism and Toroidal CVT. The engine provides plenty of torque at low and medium speeds, responsiveness and an outstanding level of operating refinement. The S-VT optimizes valve timing in all driving conditions, enhancing both power output and torque. The Toroidal CVT assures responsive and quiet operation, and offers two modes of shifting: automatic and manual. In the manual mode, shift up/down can be operated using the Wing Shift, which is mounted on the steering wheel - thereby enabling quicker shift changes during spirited driving on winding roads.

Front and rear multi-link suspension provides a high balance between exceptional handling stability and well-damped ride comfort. Reinforcing the suspension mounts and increasing overall body rigidity fully brings out the potential of the engine and suspension.

The NEXTOURER offers linear handling stability which precisely responds to the driver’s input, powerful and smooth driving in a wide range of speeds and on a variety of road surfaces and a secure and stable ride.

Advanced safety and environmental considerations

The NEXTOURER incorporates the latest technologies in both active and passive safety. To ensure active safety performance, the driver has an excellent field of vision plus enhanced handling with accurate response to driver input. The braking system includes electronic devices such as DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) and EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) to provide excellent handling stability and the ability to avoid dangerous situations. In line with the Active Height Control System, the Intelligent Lamp System for the front headlamps keeps the angle of the beam at an even level regardless of the change of vehicle height and posture. It also adjusts the beam to the direction of the vehicle when approaching a curve or corner, based on information supplied by the navigation system.

A sensor in each wheel constantly monitors the tire pressure; when it falls below a specified level a warning lamp is illuminated on the instrument panel. The run flat tire system not only allows the vehicle to be driven on to a workshop in the event of a flat but also eliminates the spare tire, resulting in weight reduction and increased cargo space.

Passive safety measures include a highly rigid, safety body, Mazda Advanced Impact-energy Distribution and Absorption System, SRS side airbags, and smart airbags to minimize the impact on occupants in an accident.

Moreover, the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) assists in safe driving, alerting the driver if the car deviates from its lane, or when the driver approaches a corner at too high a speed.

With regard to protecting the environment, the S-VT engine and the Toroidal CVT significantly enhance fuel economy and reduce CO2 and NOx emissions. Easy to recycle plastics are utilized to support Mazda’s commitment to recycling.

Major specifications

Overall length: 4,700mm

Overall width: 1,850mm

Overall height (three stage): 1,520mm1,570mm1,620mm

Wheelbase: 2,800mm

Track (front/rear): 1,570mm1,580mm

Passenger capacity: 4

Engine: 3.0-liter V6 S-VT

Transmission: Mazda Toroidal CVT

Suspension: Multilink

Brakes(front/rear): Ventilated disc

Tires (front/rear): 21555 HR19

Wheels (front/rear): 19×8JJ

SOURCE: Mazda. Please mention if you use this text.


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2000  Chicago

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