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06/10/2010 1371

Lexus - LF-Sh

Original name: レクサスLF-Sh

Sh..IT'S (not quite) A SECRET LEXUS

We can't tell you much about the next-generation Lexus LS, a model that's expected to rewrite the rulebook on luxury motoring towards the end of next year.

But keeping secrets is not considered a worthwhile virtue in the motor industry, so here are some useful clues to be going on with.

The Lexus LF-Sh concept provides strong pointers for the styling and dimensions of the next-generation Lexus flagship LS model. Its powerful and elegant lines are a further development of Lexus's L-finesse design language, as already witnessed in this year's new GS and IS models.

Presenting the car, Lexus Development Centre Manager Takeshi Yoshida said: "The LF-Sh is conceived as the Lexus brand's flagship saloon of the future and represents Lexus's 'pursuit of perfection'. It is an impressive and elegant vehicle that delivers high standards of ride quality, comfort, safety and environmental performance."

Demonstrating Lexus's advances in advanced drivetrain technology, the LF-Sh is powered by a hybrid system combining electric motors and V8 petrol engine, driving all four wheels. This system offers exceptional acceleration, while delivering much lower emissions levels than conventional engines with similar outputs.

The concept vehicle also incorporates ground-breaking systems designed to increase accident avoidance performance.

Lexus anticipates a new LS model being ready for launch by the end of 2006. You may draw your own, informed conclusions, but we couldn't possibly comment..

source: Lexus


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