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24/05/2011 1104

Honda - S-U-U

Original name: ホンダ S-U-U

Concept: Smart, Urban, Useful

In the S·U·U, Honda’s "global small platform" combines the easy handling of a compact car with the utility of a minivan. Three rows of seats and clever use of space assure that passengers ride in comfort. In addition, long-slide adjustment quickly creates a space for all aboard to chat with ease and allows for easy loading of large tems. This is the second edition of the SMALLl MAX series-delivering driving comfort and flexible utility.

  • Stylish, European street car design motif
  • Low beltline, panoramic cabin for an expansive view
  • Easily -rearranged cabin space to match passengers and luggage
  • Hinged front doors and sliding rear doors for easy entry and exit despite the compact size
  • Comfortable driving with the excellent fuel-economy of a compact



  • Overall length/width/height: 4055mm/1685mm/1705mm
  • Wheelbase: 2740mm




2001  Tokyo



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