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16/10/2011 1219

Honda - PV Concept

Original name: ホンダ PV

DESIGNING WORKSTYLES: a new concept in working style and functionality.

P.V ― The commercial vehicle with stylish utility.

Chic, stylish stores are becoming more widespread. Here’s our proposal for a commercial vehicle that reflects the atmosphere and individuality of such establishments, and lets everyone show more flair and style in their work. P.V combines the easy loading of a pickup with the secure feeling of a closed van, wrapping it all in a stylish form. Opening the rear window lets P.V function as a pickup, and closing it transforms P.V into a van. Loaded with new style and clever ideas, P.V gives the freedom to design new ways to work.

New type of commercial vehicle designed to let you work in style The rounded styling gives a sense of luminous volume while maintaining a compact body size. In addition, the streamlined roof exhibits an innovative design feature when the rear window is fully open.

New-function cargo bay that’s easy to load and unload

Opening the side windows gives additional access from the sides for loading and unloading. P.V is also equipped with a sliding floor to facilitate loading of heavy articles. Opening the rear sunroof creates space for neatly transporting tall articles too.

Functional cockpit supported by numerous innovations

For greater job-efficiency, the cockpit is equipped with a dedicated, mobile PDA offering combined control of navigation and audio systems, the shift lever has smooth action free of shift shock, and the instrument panel incorporates neoprene material which can neatly hold note pads and other work-related items.

Seats designed for space efficiency

The passenger’s seat features tilt-up, long slide travel and a headrest pocket. The cabin boasts space-efficient features such as the rear “wave” seats, which unfold as the cargo bay floor is raised, creating seating space for 4 occupants.



Length: 3395 mm

Width: 1475 mm

Height: 1565 mm

Wheelbase: 2420 mm



2004  Tokyo

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