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16/10/2011 768

Honda - Almas Concept

Original name: ホンダアルマスコンセプト

Smart boarding and a comfortable ride. The premium welfare vehicle for those who wish to drive themselves, and bring along some friends too.

The objective was to develop a welfare vehicle that’s a pleasure to drive, whether alone or with friends. We also wanted to enable wheelchair users to enjoy driving in complete comfort. These aims are fully achieved in Honda ALMAS CONCEPT. For smart and speedy entry and exit, there’s a remote-controlled electric swing door, driver’s lift-up seat, wheelchair stowage system and a host of other conveniences. Additionally, the new Power Techmatic realizes a more comfortable shift feel. When you want to do the driving yourself, travel as far as you like, and enjoy the freedom that motoring brings, Honda’s welfare vehicle concept is the answer.

New style, parallel-link swing door for exceptionally easy entry and exit

The driver’s door swings open in a forward motion on parallel links. This action assures a wider door-opening to facilitate entry and exit. The sliding rear door opens at the same time as the driver’s door.

Tilt-up steering wheel and driver’s lift-up seat

The steering wheel features a sizeable tilt-up and tilt-down action. In sync with the tilt-up movement of the steering wheel, the driver’s seat is lowered outside the vehicle to the optimum position for ease of transfer from wheelchair to driver’s seat.

Wheelchair stowage system with one-touch operation

A loading rod extends from the vehicle in an operation linked with the lowering of the driver’s seat, and the driver folds and sets the wheelchair on this rod. The wheelchair is then loaded automatically behind the driver’s seat. If the driver is not loading a wheelchair, an additional passenger seat can be folded down, yielding space for a maximum occupancy of eight persons.

  • Driver’s door and rear sliding door open by remote control.
  • The steering wheel tilts up and the driver’s seat lowers to meet the driver. A rod slides out for wheelchair loading.
  • Driver transfers from wheelchair to driver’s seat, folds the wheelchair and sets it on the loading rod.
  • Pressing a switch on the side of the driver’s seat automatically loads the driver’s seat and wheelchair.
  • Once aboard, the driver presses a button to automatically tilt down steering wheel. The driver’s door and rear sliding door close.


Dimensions: 4840 mm

Length: 1830 mm

Width: 1770 mm

Height: 1770 mm

Wheelbase: 2900 mm



2004  Tokyo



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