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26/07/2015 1216

Dome - P2

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▪ The body of the DOME P-2 is made of fiber-reinforced plastics to be light in weight and resistant to impact. Its monocoque construction increases, together with the chassis, rigidity and safety. The gull-wing doors lift open toward the fore, so the driver and the passenger can easily get in and out of the car. The rear cowl opens wide for ease of maintenance.

▪ The semi-sealed halogen headlights with metal reflectors at their back cast very bright beams of light and excel in durability. The model in the photo is for the Japanese market and has the low-positioned headlights.

▪ The TSU-RIM type urethane bumpers at the front and the rear provide maximum protection to the passengers and minimize damage to the car in the event of a collision. allcarindex

▪ Quick-response light-emitting diodes (LED) are amply employed for instrument panel display. The digital speedometer and trip meter as well as the analogue tachometer and other gauges equipped with LED indicators have been selected for the DOME P-2 to speed up visual identification of their readings.

▪  The switches incorporating sub-electronic circuits are by finger-tip control.

For the blinkers, our engineering squad has developed a revolutionary no-contact switch, the operation of which is controlled by the infrared photocell system. It has eliminated the lever and other mechanical controls, thereby markedly improving maneuverability and durability.

▪ The steering wheel adopting a trapezoidal spoke of unique appearance does not come into the driver's field of vision when reading instruments. The wheel rim is contoured to fit handgrips and helps reduce fatigue after many hours of driving. allcarindex

A piezoelectric element is used in the horn switch which turns on the electronic controller circuit just by a light touch.

▪  The 2 piece type wheels feature new design concepts, including embedded balancing weights, wheel nuts with dust caps; etc.

▪ Power windows that open and close by switch control are standard.

▪ The DOME P-2 comes with an air conditioner, a clock and an audio system as standard accessories. The audio system includes a three-band (FM, LM, MW) radio featuring a computerized synthesizer tuning system; a cassette deck; and a digital quartz oscillator clock.

▪  The front and rear suspension systems are designed, taking full advantage of our rich experiences in auto racing. Both are of the double wishbone type, pressed and welded to form closed section so as to be light in weight without sacrificing performance. The shock absorbers are adjustable in eight positions for the optimum setting and handling. allcarindex

Front brakes are with ventilated discs and 4 piston calipers. Rear brakes are inboard disc with 2 piston calipers. These guarantee a sufficiently strong braking force and a reduction in weight below the suspension systems.


▪  Development of the DOME P-2, our first prototype for commercial production, after making a total of approximately 150 improvements.




Overall length



Overall height



Overall Width



Wheel base



Track, front






Road clearance



Net weight




Steel tubular frame





Suspension, front

W. Wishbone



W. Wishbone


Steering gear allcarindex

Rack & pinion


Brake, front

Ventilated disc



Solid disc


Shock absorber



Tire, front

Dunlop 185/60 HR 13



Dunlop 225/60 HR 14



2,800cc, 145PS



ZF 5DS-25/2


Please mention WWW.ALLCARINDEX.COM - WORLD'S LARGEST AUTOMOBILE ENCYCLOPEDIA, if you reuse this original text & specifcations

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