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28/11/2011 1001

Daihatsu - UFE-II

Original name: ダイハツ UFE-II

2. UFE-II (Ultra Fuel Economy)

Daihatsu's engineers have pushed the eco-saving promise of the UFE shown at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show to maturity. The UFE-II is a four-seat hybrid minivehicle with an engine plus two motor system that achieves the world's highest fuel economy rate, 60 km/l (Japan 10-15 mode emission standard, Daihatsu in-house test data).

- Its ultra-lightweight aluminum and resin body weighs in at just 570 Kg.of vehicle weight. Using aero-simulation Daihatsu engineers achieved this compact 4-seater down to the lowest aerodynamic drag coefficient of any car, anywhere: 0.19*1, a new world record*2!

- Equipped with a hybrid system bringing together the newly developed Atkinson 660cc direct fuel injection petrol engine with two motors and a nickel-metal hydride battery.

- The car's futuristic feel is emphasized by an utterly aerodynamic body styling, highlighted by a cut-tail teardrop silhouette, gull-wing doors and sophisticated lamp design.

- In the cabin, switches are integrated into a central control panel and steer-by-wire is a standard fixture. A sense of operability and functionality dominates his techno-cockpit.

- *1 2001 UFE Cd = 0.25


- *2 as of Oct. 2003

SOURCE: Daihatsu


2003  Tokyo

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