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12/11/2011 994

Daihatsu - U4B

Original name: ダイハツ U4B

The U4B (short for “Urban 4x4 Buggy”) is a stylish four-wheel drive minivehicle with a new sensibility that merges the comfort of a passenger car and the functionality of an SUV.

An endearing and massive round form creates an exterior that emphasizes harmony with nature. At the same time, a high-quality modern-yet-casual atmosphere prevails on the inside.

The U4B’s compact body and large-diameter tires provide nimble and sure-footed handling during off-road maneuvers.

SOURCE: Daihatsu

Engine & specifications

Drive:  4WD


Length: 3395 mm

Width: 1475 mm

Weight: 1570 mm


2001  Tokyo

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