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20/09/2012 896

Daihatsu - FRC

Original name: ダイハツ FRC


FRC :      (Further Reformed compact Cargo)

Designed to provide increased load space and easier cargo loading/unloading, the FRC was developed to meet rising demand for a dedicated package delivery compact cargo van. Its spacious-looking body offers class-leading* minivehicle load capacity, thanks to a 1,860mm long cargo area with a 450mm loading floor height. That means outstanding work ergonomics and ingress/egress ease. Dual sliding doors and easy walk-through from left or right side of front seat add extra convenience. Ideal too as a leisure vehicle for transporting large recreational gear.

* As of October 2004 (Daihatsu comparison).

Sliding doors on both sides of the vehicle enable easy entry/exit and package unloading in cramped spaces. Workers will appreciate convenient access to the cargo area from either the left or right of the front seat.

Innovative engine layout and wide, small-radius rear tires achieve an ultra-low flat-floor. Together with the high ceiling, spacious cargo area, ease of ingress/egress, and potential to work while standing, this makes the FRC an extraordinarily practical vehicle.


occupancy:2 persons/displacement:660cc

SOURCE: Daihatsu



2004  Tokyo
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