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31/12/2011 1168

Daihatsu - FFC

Original name: ダイハツ FFC

FFC: (Future Figure of compact Cargo)

The package delivery and mobile business world is offering a greater variety of services as it evolves in multiple directions. Increasing owner-operated small businesses and women drivers create additional demand for light cargo vans. The FFC is designed to meet these needs. A rectangular-box-shaped cargo area offers excellent load handling. Dual side sliding doors and a low full-flat floor facilitate work efficiency and ingress and egress. Versatile compartments can stow a variety of items. The passenger seat is folded for easy access to the cargo area. A sedan-like driving position and plenty of advertisement display space add to the FFC's appeal. Add environmentally friendly minivehicle performance and the future of small cargo vans is here.

Box-shaped cargo area is space-efficient for high loading capacity. Fold-away passenger seat makes room for long items and cargo area wall is available for user-mounted shelving. It also provides easy access from driver's seat to cargo area and boarding/deboarding from passenger-side door.             

Even when parking is tight, dual sliding side doors facilitate entry/exit and cargo access. In narrow spaces, the rear double doors still open all the way. Modern design matches the cityscape. And plain surface gives plenty of space to paint ads and logos.

Simple and functional interior: Dashboard functions are concentrated in center console and slide-out table is convenient for deskwork. Large overhead console and door pockets offer ample storage space.

Low flat-floor for smooth and easy ingress and egress, and side walk-through. Hight-adjuster and tilt-steering system provide a woman driver an appropriate seat position.

Driving position is like that of a passenger car, thanks to a front-engine, front-wheel-drive (FF) layout. The FF configuration also makes possible a low flat-floor for low-stress ingress and egress while carrying packages. Together with the remarkable 1,550mm high cargo area ceiling, this permits work while standing as well.

length:3,395mm/width:1,475mm/height:1,950mm/ occupancy:2 persons/displacement:660cc

SOURCE: Daihatsu


2004  Tokyo

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