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06/11/2013 2763

UP Design - Vittoria


Umberto Palermo is pleased to present at the Qatar Motor Show 2012 the world premiere “VITTORIA”, the first concept car logoed UP Design with avant-garde sinuous forms. From the initial scene at the Bologna Motor Show 2011, finally the debut on stage in Doha, 23 to 28 January 2012.

What a better debut for a show car that combines futuristic shapes with the traditional impression of Made in Italy, a global city able to impose itself on the international scene as evidence of an artistic present destined to become a cultural heritage. A place where the charm of tradition blends with an astonishing modernity. From the desert to metropolis, icons of that architecture that makes history by changing the skyline of the scenic world contexts. As the value of this architecture represetnt the present heritage of an striking space age sleight, Vittoria wants to be the one which carries on the intellectual heritage imprinted in the future heritage.

After Geneva, in 2009 ERA and SOFIA in 2010 , Umberto Palermo will show the first concept car born at UP Design, who wants to confirm the desire to exalt the skill and tradition of the car makers of Turin, acting as a seal of union with technological innovation. The Mole Antoneliana as due tribute to a mother-city of art "in motion".

Vittoria, fom the Roman mythological goddess, continues the tradition that accompanies Umberto Palermo in giving female names to his show car. This car will be the UP DESIGN baptism into the world of concept cars giving continuation to the philosophy that generated them.

Vittoria is the soul of this emerging design center of Turin, bringing with it the history of the Italian Gran Turismo combining elegance with sportsmanship, putting a strong spirit of pioneering. The concept car has a configuration with two doors and it measures 4750 mm long, 1960 mm wide, 1250 mm high and 2950 mm wheelbase. The body is designed as in anticipation of a limited and exclusive production. A painter's artistic contribution translated from Taraski to combine style with art.

The Birth of Vittoria must say thanks to the support of all partners: the skilled hands of the family LANDRA, modeling specialists for generations, which have well been able to combine tradition with the latest technologies, the futuristic visions of Vehicle Engineering and design Inc. and the Salvi family for technological innovation made by their innovative hybrid powertrain concep dedicated to this car, and the friendship that binds us to Achille Scudieri and ADLER GROUP for the support given as a reference company in the field of research and innovation all over the world. We thank the study Protopaint and Mauro Gecchele for the professionalism demonstrated and shown with the careful painting of Victoria.

The vehicle adopt a parallel hybrid powertrain with a V8 petrol engine and an electric motor reversible, connected to the wheels through a drive line that allows highly efficient use of installed capacity with high flexibility of driving and use of the internal combustion engine a narrow range of speeds to enable low power consumption and high torque, particularly important is a brand new intelligent management of speeds and torques of thermal and electric motors to maximize energy recovery during braking while maintaining performance targets aligned to typical of a sport car.

Vittoria confirms its desire not to be a mere exercise in style, but will bring the creativity of design with the concreteness of engineering, declaring the intention of seeing it able to "travel". The support is reinforced thanks to the friendship that bind UP Design to Achille Scudieri and the ADLER GROUP for the given support as an international leader in the research and innovation field. All the partners of the project will ensure the technical realization of this car project, which has only as a starting point the presence at Qatar Motor Show 2012.

The technological research to mix tradition and competicion of typical Made in Italy products.



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