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08/07/2010 1230

Stola - S86 Diamante

At the 75 th International Geneva Motor Show Stola presented a world première: the S86 Diamante. It is a static coupé model, which has been created to demonstrate Stola capability in car models manufacturing in strict time. Designed and built in only five weeks (the ones before the opening date of the Geneva Motor Show) the S86 Diamante takes its name from the 86 years of activity of the company, which was founded in Turin in 1919 and which has been designing also production cars since the beginning of the '90s.

The design of this coupè, a "two seats only", with an intriguing, young and modern look is due to Marcello Gandini who accepted, as Stola, the challenge of combining together rapidity and quality. The S86 Diamante is a middle-size vehicle and measures 4275 mm in length, 1930 mm in width, 1225 mm in height and has a wheel base of 2600 mm. The front track is 1535 mm long and the back one is 1555 mm.

The S86 Diamante is not either a simple stylistic exercise or a show car, but it is the tangible demonstration of Stola capability to realize a real and true "Tailor Made Engineering" in favour of customers, reaching goals as "Time to market", the reduction in development costs and the pursuit of top competitiveness. "Tailor Made Engineering" means then by Stola the possibility of developing a project from the stage of style feasibility up to small-series production. But "Tailor Made Engineering" means also that Stola is able to design following the customer requirements, at the top speed of execution and efficiency, according to the technical specifications, the equipment and the working methods of the customers themselves.

source: Stola


Length: 4275 mm

Width: 1930 mm

Height: 1225 mm

Wheelbase: 2600 mm


2005  Geneva

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