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08/07/2010 2264

Lamborghini - Marzal

The presentation of the Carabo at the Paris Motor Show in 1968 was preceded the previous year by the Lamborghini Marzal prototype, which featured unconventional styling and ample window surfaces.The chassis came about from the adaptation of some of the elements of the Miura model, the front and rear groups in particular. The 2 litre engine with 6 in-line cylinders derives from the Miura's 12 cylinder model, and was rear- mounted in a transversal position. The car's main styling feature is the design of the doors, which balance the proportions of front and rear in a harmonious whole. The car's aesthetics were completely new, above all due to a revolutionary balance between panels and glazed areas, and show Bertone at his most creative.

source: Bertone


1967  Geneva



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