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Lamborghini - Diablo

Diablo VT

Year of manufacture: 1993 – 1996
Engine: V 12 – 5.7-litre displacement
Power: 492 HP
Max. speed: 325 km/h
Number of pieces: 529

In 1990 Lamborghini built a car that was destined to become the worthy heir of the renowned Miura and Countach: the Diablo. Its body once again took shape under Marcello Gandini’s pencil which, in this case too, included the infamous scissor doors. One year later, with the Diablo VT (Visco Traction) Lamborghini launched the first permanent four-wheel drive super car on the market, making its 500 HP even easier to tame – and other, more powerful models followed its success.

Diablo GT2

Year of manufacture: 1998
Engine: V 12 – 6-litre displacement
Power: racing version: 640 HP/road version: 600 HP
Max. speed: racing version: 350 km/h/road version: 330 km/h
Number of pieces: 2

The Diablo GT2 prototype was presented at the Bologna Motorshow in March 1998. With a 6-litre displacement and 640 HP, this car was used in the Diablo GT championship. The racing car body, was reinforced with carbon fibre and boasted a thoroughbred racing chassis. The 600 HP road version was designed at the same time. Only two prototypes were built of which this is number 1, the second car is part of a Japanese collection.

Diablo GT

Year of manufacture: 1999 – 2000
Engine: V 12 – 6-litre displacement
Power: 575 HP
Max. speed: 338 km/h
Number of pieces: 83

In September 1999 Lamborghini presented the then world’s fastest sports car at the IAA of Frankfurt: the Diablo GT. To reach the promised 338 km/hour Diablo GT had a 6-litre V12 engine with a single throttle, plus a completely revamped body and chassis. Only 83 pieces of this extraordinary sports car were built, each one with a large rear spoiler.

Diablo 6.0 SE

Year of manufacture: 2001
Engine: V 12 – 6-litre displacement
Power: 575 HP
Max. speed: 330 km/h
Number of pieces: 42

At the Car Show in Geneva in March 2001, Lamborghini presented the latest Diablo evolution which, with a 6-litre V12 engine, now boasted a great 575 HP – to which carbon fibre and leather were added to the interiors plus a satellite navigator. The 6.0 Special Edition (SE) was available in 2 colours elios gold and eklipsis brown – and with only 42 cars made, is the rarest edition of the Diablo of which, between 1990 and 2001, exactly 2,898 vehicles were produced, worthily pursuing the Miura and Countach legend.

Diablo GTR

Year of manufacture: 2000
Engine: V 12 – 6-litre displacement
Power: 590 HP
Max. speed: 340 km/h
Number of pieces: 30

With the Diablo GT Lamborghini created the basic model for the Diablo GTR, for delivery starting in 2000 for competition racing; with its 590 HP, the GTR could boast a considerable advantage in long distance racing competitions and had great success in the Lamborghini monomarque Cup.

source: Lamborghini

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