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11/11/2012 2003

Lamborghini - Athon

One of the most original cars on show at the 58th Turin Motor Show has to be the Athon prototype. Following the ups and downs of Lamborghini, Bertone came up with this rather OTT roadster, deliberately taking the roadster concept to extremes. The length and chassis of the Lamborghini Urraco it is based on remain unchanged in the Athon. The general proportions of the model, and in particular the rear of the car, tend to underline the sheer power of the engine, and this sensation is enhanced by the treatment given to the wings. The ample windscreen, with its pronounced double curve, and original chromatic effect, is a central styling element. In the line-up of Bertone prototypes of the day, the Athon signalled a return to creating international Motor Show stars. After two very down to earth models like the Volvo Tundra and the Fiat Ritmo Cabriolet, Bertone was feeling the need to work on something less bound by the constraints of mass production.
As for the Carabo and the first Stratos in 1970, the Athon meant he was able to give free rein to his creativity.

source: Bertone

Engine & performance:

Position: mid-mounted transversely
Type: V8
Capacity: 2996 cc
Power: 260 hp @ 7500 rpm
Torque: 274 Nm @ 3500 rpm
Drive: RWD
Top speed: 260 km/h


Length: 3967 mm
Width: 1887 mm
Height: 1070 mm
Wheelbase: 2450 mm
Weigth: 1350 kg

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1980  Turin

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