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08/07/2010 1473

Fioravanti - Tris

At the dawn of a new millenium, characterized by great changes in the motor world, from size of companies to the globalization of markets and new production and distribution methods, Fioravanti has felt the need to  revise its concept of the basic vehicle; the basic essentials which are necessary both in developing countries like China, India, Africa.... and in developed countries, where the need for simplicity is felt, even in sophisticated new designs.

The general concept, which emerges from the research carried out with “Nyce” is that of the maximum reduction of the number of components, not only in view of the automatic decrease in investment, but also with the intention of simplifying and streamlining, as much as possible, the design, production and logistics chain, both as regards the final customer, and the business-to-business on the Internet, where the relationship between constructors and suppliers is undergoing a revolutionary transformation.

The TRIS components, which are realized also with recycled material, will no longer be identified by numbers and definitions based on their location, but only by their FUNCTIONS.
For example, the doors will no longer be “right door n°.....” and “left door n°....” or “rear door n°...”, but simply “OPENING FUNCTION”, since the right, left and rear doors of the TRIS are exactly the same piece (Fioravanti patent in Europe, Asia, America).

Furthermore, as regards headlamps and tail-lights, “right headlamp n°...” and “left headlamp n°...” or “right tail-light n°...” and “left tail-light n°...” will be replaced by a single definition: “LIGHTING FUNCTION”. In TRIS, in fact, this function is fulfilled by a single lighting unit for all four corners of the vehicle, with the added bonus of good illumination while backing (Fioravanti patent in Italy).

The same format is used for “BUMPER FUNCTION” and for
The structure of the protective framework, which is identical on the both side of the vehicle, has the particularly attractive appearance typical of the TRIS.

The two rear side-windows are also identical. The reduction of components will result in fewer and “slimmer” pages in future virtual catalogues.

source: Fioravanti


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