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08/07/2010 1075

Fioravanti - Skill

Fioravanti proposes, with the prototype Skill, an innovative concept of vehicle’s transformability.

This technical proposal evidences the Fioravanti’s attitude to the automotive field that goes ahead the project itself, involving different activities at different levels: from strategic marketing with proposals of new products, to the research with new patents, from the vehicle’s architectural to the style till the engineering studies for the prototypes feasibility.

With Skill, based on the Fiat Grande Punto, Fioravanti proposes a new kind of product mainly dedicated to young people: a “fun pick up spider” that, thanks to a boot capacity of 750 l. and to an integrated structure, allows to easily carry: bikes, ski, snowboards, surfboards, go-kart…

After the patent showed in Geneve 2001 on the Alfa Romeo brand and then applied on the Ferrari Superamerica, Skill shows a new Fioravanti patent concerning the theme of retractable rigid roofs.

Also this solution is characterized by a simple cynematic and allows to keep the weight in the dynamically safer area. The roof , doing a rotation of 90°, and the rear window doing a translation, they lodge their self in a vertical position in a specific area between the seats and the boot itself.

The rear pillars contain the roof and the rear window moving mechanisms, they are also utilized for further integrated functions such as: the roll bar, the stop and the boot lights and the loudspeakers.

The Skill technical solutions could permit, by suitable synergies and small investments , to have a new accessible product and to increase the range with another version:

a coupè easily transformable in a spider with a full capacity boot.

source: Fioravanti


Length: 4030 mm

Width: 1690 mm

Height: 1470 mm

Wheelbase: 2510 mm


2006  Geneva



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