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08/07/2010 1110

Fioravanti - Lancia Kandahar

Thinking at a small all-road MPV, Fioravanti has chosen Musa to underline this functional and aesthetic aspect, considering its feeling with brand values and having previously collaborated with the aesthetic definition of Lancia Y.

Front and rear bumpers have been restyled, now becoming more important thus blending
them into the sides now presenting new protections. Most important changes concern the roof which has been made with the same technology of the concept Kite research: the "K" roof.

Such solution allows passengers to enjoy particular brightness in the interior without using mobile elements and electrical devices to open and close.

Beside it allows to feel, in the rear part, a sense of privacy, recalling the typical Lancia style of two lateral windows.

By virtues of the back overhanging, and the new positioning of the rear bar, the trunk gains at least 20% more space thus easing the load.

The compartment is completed by a hatch that, when closed, has also the function of a transparent covering of the LED lights integrated in the frame of the pavilion.

The rear windshield wiper is integrated in one element highlighting the Lancia brand comprising also the reverse light function.

The interior is enriched with a Tek wood panelling of the trunk, thanks to the functional and aesthetic characteristics of this material.

Recalled by distinctive elements both on door panels and dashboard. Furthermore the trunk is lit with an original solution.

source: Fioravanti


Length: 4080 mm

Width: 1775 mm

Height: 1680 mm


2005  Geneva



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