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Fiat - Panda Alessi

The Fiat Panda interpreted by Alessi

The new Panda Alessi makes its world debut at the Milan Triennial. The distinctive style of this innovative Fiat concept car springs from a partnership between two world-class brands famed for their contribution to the development of industrial design in Italy. Fiat and Alessi have come up with their own design philosophy which makes their creations stand out from the world of mass products. The partnership follows in the great Italian tradition in this sector and may well develop further in the future.

In this sense, the Panda Alessi is a concrete example of how an automotive product can be revisited in an aesthetic key by a company which is outside the sector, capitalising on the values which have always characterised Italian design: innovation, style and personality. The Fiat concept car shows how the "stylistic dialogue" between two important sectors of industry can produce surprising results of great impact, when the design work is carried out with total respect for product identity.

This is why the exterior of the prototype retains the original personality of the standard model, with a number of new styling and colour details on the front radiator grille, the door mouldings and the wheelarch trims. The bumpers, wheel trims and rear aerial have also been redesigned. Meanwhile inside the restyling is more evident, focusing on the facia, which has been given a different colour and features some new elements which enhance its look. The graphics of the instrumentation, the upholstery and the colour of the seats have also been modified. The centre tunnel, sun visors and gearshift have been completely revisited, while a brand new exclusive system for levelling the floor of the boot has been created, with the title of "cargo-system".

Alessi, one of the most famous Italian design brands, has skilfully highlighted the versatility of the car without changing its identity. The prototype represents a new interpretation of the Panda which is perfectly in line with the "Panda spirit" and the other concept cars developed from the same base. The Panda Alessi brings us yet another example of the desire to experiment which is something of a Fiat tradition, a tradition which has yielded some genuine motoring works of art which have played a vital part in developing the car design field in Italy.

The new Panda, with its original design, has a very dynamic look. And once on board, the car reveals all the features and comfort of a superior category model. This just about sums up the spirit of the new Panda, which was recently named "Car of the Year 2004" and "European Car 2004", critical acclaim which was immediately borne out by the appreciation of its customers.

All this is thanks to a design project which has come up with a relatively small car featuring the levels of comfort we are accustomed to on much larger models. Designed to be low on fuel consumption, yet with a performance that is no less sparkling. Ideal in city traffic, but at the same time perfect for longer journeys, guaranteeing its passengers a relaxing ride. All this makes the Fiat Panda the definitive "great little car", which incidentally also offers extremely high value for money thanks to its combination of features, running costs and residual value.

The aim of the new Panda was to offer all the winning characteristics of Fiat city cars. And to make this new ultra-compact vehicle, the Turin manufacturer capitalised on the great technical and design heritage it has accumulated over the years and on the skill that only the leading European company in this segment can boast. An uninterrupted success story which shows how Fiat has dominated the compact car sector not only in terms of figures, but also, and above all, by earning the trust of its customers: trust in the brand and the experience of its designers.

It is this skill in responding to a range of different needs, which may sometimes even be at odds with one another, which enables the new Panda to represent a benchmark for those who have an open vision of what a car should represent, and who appreciate its use on a daily basis. Down to earth, astute customers who don't fall for the latest fashions but want a car that strikes the right balance between new design features and practicality.

In short, the new Panda is a car which sets new standards of comfort and practicality of use in its category. Without ever sacrificing its original, highly appealing style, that "cheeky" spirit which will bring a smile to your face even in heavy city traffic, where parking is at a premium and the pace of life is ever more hectic. The new Panda is destined to be a constant source of surprises, thanks to its ability to adapt to its surroundings and the demands of its driver. A model with four core motoring values which make it unique of its kind in the car industry:

  • flexibility and practicality;
  • style and personality;
  • technology and innovation;
  • substance and quality.


First and foremost the new model is a flexible, practical car. As its top of the category living space and ergonomics show, along with the wide range of versions to suit all needs that place it right at the top of its category. What's more, the new Panda is the first in line of a family destined to grow over time: a 4x4 and an exciting all-terrain vehicle will be the next in line.

Style and personality: with its original, dynamic design, and "smart casual" look, this model boasts a brand new concept in interiors which give substance to the impression of high quality that the model immediately conveys. An extremely appealing car, which can also be customised with the wide range of accessories on the Lineaccessori list.

Technology and innovation are the key concepts for the new Panda's third set of values. High performance engines which are decidedly frugal on fuel (among the lowest consumers in the category), representing a valid solution both for city and out of town driving. One version which stands out is the revolutionary 70 HP 1.3 16v Multijet, the height of engineering for small turbodiesels. These engines are teamed with innovative, reliable gearboxes like the Dualogic (available only with the 1.2 petrol engine). Moreover, the new city car from Fiat is the safest in the entire category, thanks to its numerous highly sophisticated active and passive safety features and systems. Not to mention the car's sheer driving and riding pleasure, thanks above all to the automatic climate control system and Skydome sun roof.

And lastly, the new Panda is a car of substance and quality. It is the result of a "robust" design project to which the company has devoted its top resources and most sophisticated technologies. The result is a high quality, eminently reliable car, which boasts exclusive safety and comfort features. The torsional rigidity of the body, for instance, is among the best in the category (70,500 Nm/rad), while the new Panda is also the only car in its category to upholster 99% of its interior surfaces. And this is not all. The new city car has also passed the strictest tests to guarantee the highest level of protection for driver and passengers.



2004  Paris
2005  Tokyo



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