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Fiat - Idea Style

Fiat Idea Style

It is all a matter of style. The style demanded by women of today who love the Fiat Idea when they tackle the frenetic merry-go-round of daily life with determination and initiative. Work, children, friends and leisure: they need a reliable and versatile ally and the new Fiat compact MPV is the perfect answer. The Paris Motor Show would not be complete without the brand new Style version with its new sophisticated interiors that are still as informal, practical and elegant as ever.

The new urban chic is offset by new upholstery, a combination of hi-tech fabric, modern weaves and soft chamois. The resulting mix emphasises the sensory contrast, the warmth of the side strips and the metallic coolness of the seat. The facia is more opulent with its magnesium grey central console. The steering wheel is in ultra-fine leather and the custom gearlever features the Fiat Idea bud logo in the form of an attractive cameo.

On the outside, this version is also hardly likely to pass unobserved. One reason is the special Pashmina Turquoise colour, as sparkling and deep as pure aquamarine the result of new technology. Mica crystals, in the shape of cut-off cones, trap the light and reflect it as a myriad of tiny prisms to give the surface and shapes a spectacular iridescent effect.

The Style version is the Fiat Idea's trump card in a fast-evolving subsegment that the biggest motor manufacturers are poised to enter. This segment is made up of compact Multi Purpose Vehicles, a growing market band where Fiat plans to play a leading role. And more: it wishes to offer a new type of car, designed for all but destined to appeal, in particular, to 'early adopters', i.e. the sort of customer who is more curious about new products, more open to brand new solutions and more willing to accept them.

Such people are more mentally open and active by nature at work and at play. They are men and women who have learnt how to make the most of their time between one engagement and the next, whether personal or job-related. For them, we needed to design a versatile car able to reflect their varying needs at different times of day or at different times in their lives. 'So many lives, only one car'. The Fiat Idea offers an opulent, warm and welcoming space, a place where you can enjoy all the special comforts that come from being able to choose colours and fabrics, make the most of the space available and enjoy an impression that is sophisticated yet carefree.

Such customers are very much at home with an Italian style that is elegant yet also comfortable and informal. The sort of philosophy that gives us top quality deck shoes designed for yachting but also perfect for an evening stroll or pre-dinner drink. Or a sports shirt that would look equally good on a more dressy occasion. The Fiat Idea is an ideal vehicle for young families who are always on the go, a faithful companion in town traffic on working days and an oasis of relaxation and calm during weekends and on long trips. The model is aimed at customers with different needs, tastes and lifestyles but one common goal: the desire to own a good-looking, comfortable car that can satisfy their need for freedom.



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