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08/10/2011 1457

Fiat - Doblo Sandstorm

The Motor Show also has space for the Fiat Doblò Sandstorm, an off-road version of the Doblò. The Sandstorm is our answer to the challenge of converting a conventional car to an off-road racer. It is an admirable demonstration of the model's versatility and the way its DNA can adapt to the needs of very different customers and very different applications - however demanding.

The Sandstorm is thus an exercise in styling and design and a concept car with a strong personality. It features clean looks with no frills or pointless detail yet still conveys an impression of sturdy and protective solidity. The overall impression is of a big vehicle with broad shoulders and protected front and sides: a vehicle that evokes strength, power and safety at first glance. This impression is enhanced by an increased ground clearance that may be adjusted according to the type of terrain. The pint-sized dimensions of the Fiat Doblò have been maintained for the sake of compactness; The Sandstorm is just 4159 mm long and 1714 mm wide.

The mechanicals have naturally undergone big changes to create a true rally version. Because the Sandstorm spends its life off the road, it is as fun to drive over impervious desert dunes as across precipitous mountain terrain.

All this means it needs off-road suspension: 215/85 wheels (with 16" wheels) and disk brakes with piston calipers (4 at the front and 2 at the rear). The transmission system is double with a self-locking central differential.



2002  Bologna



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