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Bertone - Panther

1966, the year of the Miura, also saw Nuccio Bertone fully occupied on other fronts. The Geneva Motor Show featured the presentation of two interesting new prototypes, one of which was the Jaguar 3.8 FT. The Turin manufacturer created a prototype for a four-seater coupé, together with Tarchini Svaj, the Coventry carmaker's importer for the North of Italy. The main aim of the project was to come up with a line destined to be sold through the Jaguar sales network both in Italy and abroad, and to this end the considerable demands of the typical Jaguar client - traditionally very faithful to the brand - and the specific type of car usually produced, were kept in mind. As a consequence Bertone worked with the idea of creating a classic design with original lights and roof, and the result is a design which overall exudes classic Jaguar style, but with a more agile, dynamic, even aggressive feel. The wings are tight, up to the level of the rear roof pillar. From this point a hint of relief creates a feeling of thrust and allows for the styling of the tail with its ample boot but very sporty feel. The most original part of the car is the greenhouse, its pillars, lights and roof panels. While giving great light and visibility, it still retains a pleasing, welcoming and discreet feel. The overall result is a car with a typical Jaguar feel, softened by Italian styling and given a tougher, deliberately sporty feel.

source: Bertone


1968  Geneva

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