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01/01/2016 1853

Autobianchi - Coupe

This prototype of an Autobianchi sportscar, studied internally by Fiat's Centro Stile and designed by Pio Manzu, is a document about emphasising the research on the design fields by a big manufacturer for a mass produced car, outside the elite of independent coach builders.

The application of aerodinamic principles have been of vital importance for this project. A remarkable characteristic of the car is the extrmely sleek front end. Through the reduction of the front surface the aerodinamic penetration is very good.

The design of the back has been styled according to the principle of the Kamm tail, but not as extreme as some contemporary race cars, which cut the tail in the section of maximum surface, around the roof.

When designing the interior particular care has been destined to elements of passive safety. As a result the door panels, pedals, pillars have been made of polyurethane.

The car didn't have any kind of drivetrain or engine, and as result stayed as a style exercise only. 



1968  Turin

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