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08/07/2010 1477

Tata - Indiva


Tata Engineering unveils its new MPV concept - The Tata Indiva

The new Tata MPV, the Tata Indiva has been designed as a compact, space-efficient vehicle and is among the shortest seven-seater conceived, with an overall length of just under 4.3 metres. Styled by the Italian design house IDEA, it has a high seating position, which enhances passenger comfort, safety and visibility.

The interior layout is flexible, with the third row of seats being removable, which frees up interior space. Sporting 16" alloy wheels, it has been designed as a streamlined people's carrier, which is more car-like with on-board electronic systems integrating high level of in-car entertainment, navigation and internet connectivity.

The concept has a permanent sunroof and a headliner with LED lighting, which gives the interior an airy, spacious feeling. The MPV front is in continuity with the Tata brand image, with the contours of the grill being similar to that on the Indica and the two-seater coupe concept, the Tata Aria, which was shown at the earlier Geneva Motor Show. This new concept from TATA is likely to have wide appeal among European consumers, and is expected to be attractive for the evolving Indian market as well.

The platform on which the MPV concept has been developed is already highly popular in India, with the hatchback Indica currently being the top-selling model in the B segment of the Indian market. Tata is now targeting the European B segment car market with the Indica.

Also on display at the Geneva Motor Show is a three-box sedan, which has been developed on the Indica platform and is due for serial production in the latter part of the current year for the Indian market. In the pipeline is an estate version, too, on the Indica platform, scheduled for launch early next year and targeted mainly at the European market.

The Indica hatchback gets a sportier version in the range, with a 1.4 litre MPFI 85 PS Euro III engine with a lowered body stance and 15" alloy wheels. This vehicle, which is on display along with the other variants of the Indica, is likely to commence production in the near future.

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