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10/03/2017 1086

SJ Design - SJ1

The Indian Automobile industry is undoubtedly one of the largest and fastest growing industries globally. It plays a vital role in contributing to the country’s economy, with increasing production rates every year. Although, the Indian design industry is still in a nascent phase, with very few design studios dedicated to automotive design. However, the focus is slowly and convincingly changing towards Automotive Design! And it is with this close observation and belief that a design company, SJ Design Pvt. Ltd. was formed in September’ 2010. It is a dedicated Transportation Design firm with core interest and expertise in Automotive Design.

SJ DESIGN PVT LTD makes it global debut by unveiling its two-door sports coupe project codenamed “SJ1” inspired by the company’s core values of “pure design elegance with undeterred performance”. The team has released teaser images of this production concept vehicle, which is characterized by its coupe like features with the luxury of a GT.

As the teaser reveals the vehicle’s design evokes a forward moving muscular stance with a sober and sculpted rear end.  It has a balanced composition characterized by a prominent shoulder line, which merges with the muscular yet harmonious rear fender.

All these distinctive lines flow along the side profile of the vehicle and converge at the centre of the rear fascia. The rear screen stretches right down to the rear deck and integrates in a sculptured teardrop manner. The profile indicates a powerfully sculpted front fender with dynamic air vents adding to the sheer aggression of the vehicle. The base of the windshield is firm behind the front axle and held by a muscular A- pillar with a sleek roofline and a formidable shoulder line. These lines swoop together and converge into a beautifully crafted rear end. The quarter glass sections add a touch of class to the profile of the vehicle. Nearly concealed door handles are just one of many exquisite details in the “SJ1”.

The “SJ1” is a 2+2 coupe with a conceptual interior architecture designed around the user providing an ambient layout. The interior has four individual seats with a center console flowing and blending in the rear armrest creating a cozy feeling for its occupants. Various textures such as wood, carbon fiber and aluminum are used to produce a unique atmosphere. The ambience is further enhanced by the use of innovative lighting features against contrasting upholstery.

A 1.9TDI engine coupled with a 5speed manual gearbox and a front wheel drive system powers the SJ1.

All in all the SJ1 can be summed up as collage of pure, dynamic and aggressive lines with a blend of sculptured forms producing undeterred performance for the occupant behind the wheel.




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