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Volkswagen - Golf Variant Rave 270


VW Golf Variant RaVe 270 Concept Premieres at Essen

This year the Essen Motor Show is experiencing a very special premiere: the debut of the Golf Variant RaVe 270. It is still a concept car. And yet, it becomes impressively clear just how much potential this car holds. RaVe 270 – it stands for the 270 PS developed by a four-cylinder TSI with direct gasoline injection and turbocharging.

RaVe 270 – it stands for a fully customized design in car racing style. RaVe 270 – it stands for a customized interior with exclusive leather bucket seats. RaVe 270 – it also stands for techno music from a powerful 1,400 Watt sound system of the prestige class. This system really hammers. It is based on the brand-new RNS 510 radio-navigation system. System controls include a userfriendly touchscreen and multifunction keys. Hardware of the RNS 510 includes a 400 MHz Power-PC processor and a dedicated graphic processor. The navigation and entertainment data are stored on a 30-Gigabyte hard disk drive. A SD card slot (including for MP3 files) is located beneath the touchscreen. But the real highlight is the fact that the RNS 510 interfaces with a powerful 1,400 Watt sound system. A total of 13 loudspeakers are supplied via powerful output amplifiers. A strong 880 Watt subwoofer and two other 250 Watt subwoofers in chrome are responsible for the distinctly “palpable” sound. Like the output amplifiers, the 880 Watt subwoofer is located so that it is visible on the cargo f loor. Also integrated in the rear were two 12-inch monitors, so that the music of the best bands could not only be heard but seen too. The driver and front passenger can enjoy the sound from ergonomically exclusive sport bucket seats.

The Golf Variant RaVe 270 was developed and built in “Biscay Blue” color by Volkswagen Individual. The underlying idea: to transfer GTI and R32 feeling to a station wagon for the first time. And indeed to the most powerful Golf Variant of all times. With a further power-enhanced Golf GTI engine and the 4Motion all-wheel drive of the Golf R32.

The engine of the RaVe 270

At 198 kW / 270 PS this engine sets a new record at Volkswagen for four cylinder engines. The high-tech TSI is based on the engine of the Golf GTI Edition 30 whose power was already boosted from 147 kW / 200 PS to 169 kW / 230 PS. Modifications to the turbocharger, intercooling and engine electronics allowed engineers to boost power by another 40 PS. The 270 PS are available at 6,000 rpm. No less fascinating is its torque development: the maximum of 350 Newton-meter is available at a low 3,000 rpm. This peak value remains constant up to 5,000 rpm. In practice this translates into fun.

The RaVe 270 concept car is the first new generation Golf Variant to have 4Motion all-wheel drive. Power is transmitted to the front and rear axles by DSG dual clutch transmission. This transmission shifts gears in fractions of a second, faster than any race car driver can. Of course, any drivers who want to can also shift the DSG manually. The sport car producers of this world can only dream of this transmission. Not only is it damned fast, but it is economical without equal among the competition. The reason: while it is extremely difficult for any other automatic to avoid added fuel consumption based on their technology, the DSG helps to save on fuel. The DSG teams up with the charged TSI to form a particularly efficient alliance: despite its incredible performance values, the average fuel consumption of the Golf Variant RaVe 270 is just 9.1 liters of Super gasoline (95 ROZ) per 100 kilometers.

Even more impressive is the way in which the engine and transmission distribute engine speeds and convert them into forward propulsion via the 4Motion all-wheel drive. After just 5.8 seconds the Golf Variant RaVe 270 is already moving at 100 km/h. It races to the 200 km/h mark in just 20.8 seconds. Not until 250 km/h is reached do the electronics stop further acceleration.

The Body

Volkswagen has developed a new design line for all add-on body components. This means: bumpers, radiator grille, side skirts, taillights, headlamps, even the mirrors – everything modified. The front bumper is its most distinctive feature. It was redesigned together with the radiator grille for a powerful look.

Significant: The xenon headlamps got a new look by extending the engine hood and fenders and adding new special caps. Also integrated here: daylight running lamps in LED technology.

Visually striking at the rear end are two twin-fluted tailpipes on the left and right. The upper profiles of the pipes extend into the bumper painted in car color. Between them is a diffuser that provides for additional traction at the rear axle. Its effect supplements that of the roof edge spoiler. Also modified were the taillights.

In its side profile, it is details such as the chrome roof rail, mirror caps and window trim also in chrome, and the large 19 inch “Zaragoza” type alloy wheels which – in combination with a 20 millimeter lower stance – lend the concept car a very independent character. Meanwhile, an 18 inch Brembo braking system delivers impressive braking performance; the brake calipers painted in Anthracite gleam through the wheels.

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